Desert Moon (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #1)

The scent of destiny…the danger in desire.

The phantom. It happened years ago, after he’d been away from the ranch on business. The minute he got back, it hit like a heat wave in the height of summer. A scent. A female scent carried on the wind touched him—no, kneed him right in the gut—then vanished. Overcome by the need to claim, he’d roamed all over the desert. He spent weeks searching, every keen wolf sense tuned in to tracking the source. But she was gone—or she never existed, except as a hint on the wind that teased him to ruin. He would never love, never want anyone again.

Lowe, Anna. Desert Moon (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 1) (p. 17). Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

Anna freely admits on her website that she envisions Packs as having the same type of structure as a feudal society. I can clearly see that in this series. Ty is the strong, silent, brooding type. Lana is not!

Romeo and Juliette have nothing on the feud between the Hawthornes and the Dixon’s. Things are so bad that Ty’s father declared that he would kill any Dixon found on his ranch.

Twelve years ago Ty Hawthorn caughet the scent of a woman in the wind over his Ranch. Despite searching for her every where, he never found the woman his pack began to call “The Phantom “.

Lana Dixon visited Arizona once years ago with her aunt. There she caught a hint of a male that she wanted to get to know. All too soon, she had to return to her home in New England.

As Lana returns to Arizona to help her aunt retire to her friend’s home, she scents that same male once again. This time the only things standing in her way is a pack of rogues, a bitter Alpha, and the knowledge of what happened all those years ago.

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Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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