Desert Hunt (Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch 0.5)

Strictly off limits, or destined mates?

They swept toward him, lowing and huffing, kicking up a cloud of dust that threatened to consume a figure in front of him. It was the new girl—woman, he corrected himself; despite her tomboy look, everything about her screamed hot-blooded woman—moving out of their path. Step by step, she backed up to the line of sheds. Another step, and she was right in front of Zack, still blind to his presence. One more, and his hands went up in warning just as she pressed into him, her back to his front. Warm, was all his mind registered at first.Tight, his fingers added, feeling the muscles wrapped around her middle like a corset.Sweet, his body hummed, picking up her scent. Mine, his wolf growled, starting to pace inside the mental cage Zack had constructed around that side of his being. Because the scent that had him on tenterhooks all morning wasn’t washing in from the open desert. It was coming from her. It was her.

Lowe, Anna. Desert Hunt (WOLVES OF TWIN MOON RANCH) (pp. 12-14). Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

Zack was that half breed boy from the wrong side of the ranch. Rae, the female with a secret to hide. Fate is determined to bring them together in the desert. A prequel set two years before Desert Moon.

If there was one thing that Rae knew for certain, men could not be trusted. Especially not Alphas. Given her hunts, she could not risk being mated. It would mean the end of her bloodline and their purpose. She took a huge chance and requested to transfer to another pack.

Zack knew what the old Alpha thought of him, half white man wolf, and half Navajo coyote, he was considered “trash”. But there was one thing he could do better than anyone else, tracking. So he spent his time on the edge of the ranch doing just that. That is, until he was ordered to ensure that no one bothered Rae.

It seems that the old Alpha had brought Rae with the intention of her mating his son. He just neglected to tell anyone! What happens when Rae follows the Earth Spirit’s leadings on the New Moon will change everything.

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