Bayou Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #5)

“You’re going to be Sera’s liaison. I need you to protect her at all times. She won’t want it and, frankly, in a physical fight, you don’t want to face her. She is a vicious combatant, and she doesn’t hold back…but she will get some flack from the other Alphas. They’ll all want to coddle her and test their dominance against hers. Unfair perhaps, but not unexpected. I’ll deal with the other Alphas, if she doesn’t slap them down first. What I need you to protect her from is Alexis.”

Long, Heather. Bayou Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend Book 5) (p. 25). Heather Long. Kindle Edition.

After Margo Montgomery reported the status of the group of Rogue Wolves, Mason Clayborn takes the unprecedented step of calling all the Alphas together at Willow Bend to discuss what to do with them. He truly doesn’t want to have to slaughter 200+ wolves. In preparing for this Summit, he has his wolves build small cabins on his land that will be used to house the alphas. All are equal distance from his home, and steps are take to ensure that there are no wolf scents inside the cabins.

Lincoln Buckley is the middle triplet, and the lead carpenter on the project. While he has trained with the Hunters, he prefers to work in other areas. When Mason tasks him with being the liaison for Serafina Andre, the Alpha of Delta Crescent Pack, he is hesitant but agrees. Mason, however, also tasks him with guarding her incase of any problems with Alexis, Mason’s mate.

Serafina is supremely confident in her abilities as an Alpha, and her appeal as a woman. When dealing with others, she tends to use every weapon in her arsenal to ensure that things benefit her pack. When she sights the long, tall drink of wolf waiting to welcome her to Willow Bend, her wolf sits up and takes notice.

Linc is more than a little confused when Ms. Andre invites him to survey the cabin with her before she allows her healer to enter. Sera insists and so he comes to follow her. The cabin is lovely but holds no welcoming scents as of yet. Linc is more than a little confused by the confident Alpha, but tries to hold the temper that he has fought all his life in.

Talks among the Alphas regarding the upstarts is not exactly productive. Two Alphas want to simply kill them all, while two want to give them a chance to work things out. Sera is not willing to make a decision either way without assessing the situation for herself. She convinces Linc to take her to meet with the newly forming pack and their alpha. Along the way, things between Linc and Sera come to a head (so to speak!) What happens next is nothing either of them could have anticipated.

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Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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