Desert Yule (Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #4.5)

The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch have earned a hard-won break after another eventful year in the dark and dangerous shifter world. In this sweet, sentimental, and sexy Christmas story, you’ll get to see new characters take center stage and relationships evolve. Has the big, bad alpha’s mate finally taught him to delegate? Has the wounded warrior learned to let go of the past? And the leading she-wolf of the clan — how is she getting along in her new life with her once-forbidden mate? While some couples are busy steaming things up with a whole new meaning of “nap time,” others are rapt in promising visions of the future, and even the family Grinch doesn’t leave the “merry” out of Christmas this time around. Yes, there’s more than meets the eye under the light of a winter moon…

Lowe, Anna. Desert Yule: A Twin Moon Ranch Short Story (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch) . Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

This is an awesome look 👀 at the holidays on Twin Moon Ranch. We get to see how all of the 4 couples are celebrating Christmas 🎄 together. Not to mention learning more about the children

By this point in time, Ty and Lana have 2 children, Tana and Tyler. Heather and Cody have children. As for the other two couples, well, I can’t give it all away, can I?

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Single, Wicked Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #7.5)

“This will do,” he said after another pass. Glancing at her, he let the pleasure of her patience roll over him. She’d not taken a single step farther into the room while he worked. The moment their gazes locked, hers lowered a fraction. Shy, but with teeth. “Enjoy your shower, I will keep it safe for you.” Her gaze darted up to meet his and she raised her brows. Better. “I thought a shower for two would be more fun for us.” “Absolutely. Make no mistake, I want you.” He could practically taste the sweet feminine treat in her need as it perfumed the air. “But I will not coerce or have your wolf submit to mine because you think you should.” Aggravation blurred the lust in her delicious scent and she propped a hand on her jutted hip. “Signor, you are a devastatingly sexy man, and I’m not going to pretend you’re not aware of how attractive you are. But I have never, will never, and don’t plan to now, roll over and offer my ass to any dominant wolf that comes along.”

Long, Heather. Single Wicked Wolf: (Wolves of Willow Bend Book 7.5) (p. 18). Heather Long. Kindle Edition.

Murphy DeWitt was tired and hungry. After working the last few years as a translator for the diplomatic corps, she was heading home to be a bridesmaid in her friend, Shiloh’s wedding. Back to Willow Bend, her home. Trying to avoid the crowds, she smacked into what felt like a wall. Catching her balance, she realized it wasn’t a wall but a wolf!

Giovanni Conti was a Centurion for the Italian Alpha pair. He was heading for Willow Bend to make the arrangements for them to attend Margo’s younger brother’s wedding. Spotting the young she-wolf dodging people, he stepped into her path. Upon discovering they were headed to the same place, he invites her to join him.

It isn’t until they land in Chicago, that Murphy really regrets having told her mother she was seeing a European wolf. When Julian confronts Giovanni, the rising domination between the two has her calling Mason in a panic. After talking to Mason, Giovanni takes Murphy to a hotel for the night before they make the drive to Willow Bend.

Murphy heard Giovanni loud and clear, there would be a chase between them. But first thing first, there’s a wedding to be attended. After that, all bets are off.

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Desert Roots (Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #6)

This bad boy won’t play by her rules.

This bad boy won’t play by the rules. Daredevil Carly Hawthorne, youngest of the Hawthorne wolf shifter clan, doesn’t believe in true love. At least, that’s what she thinks until bad boy Luke Brandstetter comes along, refusing to play by the rules. Luke is a man with more wrongs than rights in his past, and his scarred shifter soul yearns to turn over a new leaf. Somehow, he has to prove himself worthy — not just to Carly, but to her powerful pack of wolves. Can he protect his stubborn beauty from encroaching evil and earn a fresh start in life, or is love just another cruel trick of fate?

Lowe, Anna. Desert Roots (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 6) . Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

Carly Hawthorne was the daughter of one Alpha and the youngest sister of another. Her whole life had been spent bouncing from her father’s ranch in Arizona and her crazy mother’s pack in California. Neither place felt like home. Somehow she just never fit in with the people there.

Luke Brandstetter was a bad boy trying very hard to turn over a new leaf. His home pack of North Ridge, CO had been run by a cruel alpha who took what he wanted, mated or not. When he was 14, the alpha tried to take his sister against her will. Refusing him, she responded by killing herself with a shotgun. His father and older brothers tried to challenge the alpha one on one, but they killed during an ambush. That night his mother took him to the pack territory’s border and told him to run and never come back. But that alpha was dead now, killled by a wolf from the Twin Moon pack.

Carly glared at the unwelcome visitor to the ranch. She’d spent the night with him last night, then left before he awoke the nex morning. Now she heard the stunning news that Luke was the wolf that had clawed Kyle Williams in that long ago bar brawl, turning him in the process. Did she really want a man like that?

Luke had stopped at Twin Moon Ranch just to thank a wolf. His intention had been to say thanks, then take his leave and continue onward to North Ridge. They needed to know that there was a rogue wolf headed their way, trying to take over the pack. Finding out the old Alpha from Twin Moon was serving as Alpha made him pause.

As Ty and Cody, Carly’s older brothers, gave Luke every dirty job they could think of, they watched him to see what he would do. Would he take off, or would he fight for that fresh start? But when rogues from California came to the ranch, he had to make a big decision. Was he worthy of Carly, or not?

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River Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #7)

“Yeah, I caught wind of…the only way I can describe it was pack, not pack. Wolf, not wolf. Does that make any damn sense?”
“Not really,” but he didn’t discount it. The other wolf had a good nose. “But go on anyway.”
He took another drink of water before continuing. “I kept picking it up in different places, sometimes outside a cleaners, once near a grocery store. It was always faint, like I was a day or two behind. Then I’d lose it entirely. I stopped for food at this great burger joint and there it was…fresh.”
“So, being the planner you are, you shifted and took off after it.” Luc really didn’t have to continue. “You were so caught up on the scent, you didn’t pay attention to traffic?”
Grimace turning into a snarl, Luc glared at him. “Hey, in all fairness that jerkwad didn’t have his lights on, and he didn’t slow down after he clipped me either.”
“You could have been killed, you know?” The growl rumbled through him. Of all the idiotic, dumbass ways to die… “All for some damn curiosity. It’s supposed to kill cats, not wolves.”
“I almost did you know.” The faint grin didn’t vanish. “And as luck would have it…I found it.” Irked didn’t cover his feelings on the subject.
“Found what?”
“The scent. Or should I say, the owner of the scent.” Brett frowned. “Come on, I asked you if you checked out her scent. Didn’t you notice it?”
Colby’s contradictory scents. The unusual, provocative nature of it. “You think Colby is a wolf?”

Long, Heather. River Wolf: Wolves of Willow Bend (pp. 156-157). Heather Long. Kindle Edition.

Colby Jensen was finishing up a year long community service sentence for “facilitating the theft of pharmaceuticals.” As she went through her daily routine, the difficult male patient in room 510 asked something strange of her. First he asked her to come see him before she left. Then when she did, he asked her to drive him to a small town in NY, offering to pay her quite well for her troubles. Given his injuries, she should have turned him down flat. But she really didn’t have any firm plans for what she was going to do now, so she reluctantly agreed.

Brett Dalton, Alpha of Hudson River, was concerned when the Enforcers notified him that his friend, Luc Danes had been in an accident. They reported him as being in a coma and agreed to keep him informed of any further developments. A day or so later, the Enforcers told him that Luc had checked himself out of the hospital against medical advice and left with a human female. Brett knew that meant that Luc was apparently on his way to him.

Colby didn’t understand the people in the small town Luc had given her directions to. But they seemed to be trying to help him so she gathered her things to leave. Or at least, she tried. Somehow the gorgeous Brett and his friends kept enticing her to stay a little while longer.

If there was anything that Brett was sure of, he was sure of two things. First, he needed to solve the delightful mystery that was Colby. Second, he needed to repair the pack bonds. The damage that had been done by the insane wolf had to go. Not only for himself, but for his pack. There was too much riding on it. And the last thing he needed was to have not one but two Alpha Challenges!

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Desert Rose (Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #5)

An unexpected hero comes home.

Six weeks ago, he’d been running along behind his father in the open desert when a scream exploded into his mind. A scream exactly like the one he heard now. He stood stock-still and replayed the memory. Somewhere up north, that’s where it had been. He’d screeched to a halt in a dust cloud, forcing all four hooves to hold perfectly still so he could hear. “What the…?” his father had muttered once he’d turned back. “Shh!” He’d quieted his father so forcefully, the big boar jolted in surprise. “Shh,” Axel added, tilting his head to listen. Where was that voice coming from? He’d winced as another scream ripped through the night. Clear as a bell, even if it was only in his mind. A woman, terrified. A woman he had to protect at all costs. Why, he had no idea. Just that every bone in his body was behind the massive bellow he released into the night. A warning to whatever evil dared threaten her. One second, he’d been stiff as a statue, straining to hear, and the next, he’d thundered off on a new course, running toward the voice. Telling her, I’m coming! Hang on!

Lowe, Anna. Desert Rose (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 5) . Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

Beth always thought of herself as just a mousy librarian. Nothing special to look at, a idea that had been rubbed in by Audrey more than once. But after the huge stranger burst into the fight with the hellhound, saving Rick at the cost of serious injuries, she found herself almost compelled to sit and read to him.

Axel felt like he was in paradise. A big javelina shifter, he healed from injuries slower than other Shifters. More accustomed to being alone, the friendly pack around him was a bit of a shock. While he was unconscious, some woman had spent hours reading to him. More than once, it was her voice that kept him from slipping away. Now that he was up and recovering, he wondered if it was just a dream.

Coming back from some training on early literacy, Beth thought she’d just slip into her work at the library. But Aunt Jean drew her into children’s area where several of the children awaited her. As she settled down, she realized they weren’t alone, Axel was there also. In talking to him later, much later!, he let her know that he had heard her call from over 100 miles away. Something only destined mates could do.

Axel’s sojourn in Paradise came to a halt on Christmas Eve when his father and uncle tracked him down. A rival clan of Javelina Shifters was threatening the town where their women lived with the children. As much as Axel wanted to stay with Beth, he couldn’t deny the need to defend his family.

When the three big males find themselves in an ambush, then buried under debris from a rock slide, he makes a desperate call to say good bye to Beth. When she receives the call, can she locate her mate? And will she and her packmates be in time to make a difference in this fight?

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Wolf With Benefits (Wolves of Willow Bend #6.5)

After pushing past her, Delia tugged her away and closed the door. “Look, I get that you don’t fully understand everything you did, Shiloh. You’re a grown woman, making passion-based decisions. Passion leads to foolish choices…like that sixth pack.”


“Don’t Mom me. You made the choice to go against your family and the pack that shelters us. You made a crazy call, risked your life, your future, and our position…you don’t just walk back from that.”

Long, Heather. Wolf with Benefits: Wolves of Willow Bend (Book 6.5) (pp. 4-5). Heather Long. Kindle Edition.

Shiloh Sullivan is a member of a very select group in Willow Bend. Her family is one of few all human families considered part of the Willow Bend pack. More than that, they have all remained human for generations. Her mother has tried to cut her off from all the wolf friends she grew up with. Even going so far as to stop being friends with Tiffany Huston after she took “the bite” to become a wolf like her husband, Ryan.

Matt Montgomery has gone above and beyond to stay friends with Shiloh. He has faithfully help her sneak out of her house at nights. But not even he understands what drove the 6 young humans to help gather and set up the illegal pack. Nevertheless, he’s more than ready to welcome Shiloh back home.

Shiloh was the first of the 6 Willow Bend humans to return home. After Serafina and Linc visited the Three Rivers Pack, she hopped a ride home with them, then spent several weeks answering questions for Mason and the Hunters. She now remains in Willow Bend on probation. There are a number of limitations on what she and the others can do.

Coming up with what he thinks is a brilliant plan, Matt convinces Shiloh to move in with him. The Plan? Matt lets others believe that Shiloh has moved home to be with him. But when a blizzard hits the area, will the others reach out to help her? Will her mother unbend in the end?

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Desert Heart (Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #4)

This time, he’s playing for keeps.

They drove on in silence. Ty took the last two turns and slowed to coast under the double S brand hanging from the Seymour Ranch gate, then pulled to a halt in front of the homestead. A tall figure separated itself from the shadows of the porch and stepped into the sunlight to greet them. Tina blinked and bit back a gasp. The new manager was no woman. The new manager was no stranger. The new manager was… Christ, not him.

Lowe, Anna. Desert Heart (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 4) . Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

Tina Hawthorne, daughter of the retired Alpha, sister to the current co-Alphas of the pack and de-facto Alpha female. “Good old Tina” the one that it seems that no one thinks about. Unless of course, she was trying to go out with someone! But truth be told, her heart has always belong to the boy next door at Seymour Ranch.

Rick Rivera, the Latino son of the chef at Seymour ranch, has always struggled. At first, it was hitting balls from an old batting cage, then it was hitting balls during his career in the major leagues. The next struggle was dealing with the career ending injury he suffered. Now his struggle is getting Tina back into his life and into his arms.

The first time Tina knows that Rick is back in the area is when she and her brother Ty head to Seymour Ranch to question the new Ranch Manager about a proposed request to draw more water from the aquifer, an aquifer that only services Twin Moon Ranch and Seymour Ranch.

However, a visit from the Navajo Coyote Alpha, Atsa, gives them even more to be concerned about. He’s been having visions of a demon seeking entry to this world. A hellhound is nothing to sneeze at. Actually, after checking with Zack and Rae, they are faced with the realization that the only way to destroy one is sheer numbers. Can they rally the necessary numbers? What about the very human crew of Seymour Ranch?

Desert Fate (Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #3)

The only thing that can save her is his bite.

“The first bite turns,” Tina explained as calmly as if she were pouring tea at a ladies’ luncheon. “The second bite mates.” “Mates.” She parried the verb away, unwilling to accept it. “Wolves don’t marry. We mate. For life.” Okay, that part didn’t sound as twisted as the rest. Until Tina dropped the other shoe, that is. “Wolves don’t bite humans just to turn them. This Ron wanted you as his mate.”

Lowe, Anna. Desert Fate (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 3) (p. 34). Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

“Skinwalker, wolf.” The terrified old Navajo woman muttered. Stephanie Alte wondered about that. She kept having the strangest dreams of running through the desert and chasing…. something. She just didn’t know what. All she could remember for sure was that she had to keep moving.

Kyle Williams, Arizona State Trooper, and a Changeling himself, knows more that he wants to about what Stef is going through. And it doesn’t take just a bite to change a person into a shifter. He was viciously clawed during a bar fight a few years ago. That was his start. But when he saw a woman in obvious trouble out in the desert, he couldn’t walk away.

Stephanie worked for a renewable energy company, selling solar panels and equipment to individuals and small companies. When she is called back several times to the same ranch to speak to the manager, she chalked it up to a manager just wanting to be sure before committing to the cost involved. She never suspected what came next!

Kyle looked at Stephanie and recognized a fellow military brat. She’d lived beside him for years and helped him through all the rough times with his stepfather. Now it was his turn to step up and help her to what lay ahead for her.

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