Desert Fate (Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #3)

The only thing that can save her is his bite.

“The first bite turns,” Tina explained as calmly as if she were pouring tea at a ladies’ luncheon. “The second bite mates.” “Mates.” She parried the verb away, unwilling to accept it. “Wolves don’t marry. We mate. For life.” Okay, that part didn’t sound as twisted as the rest. Until Tina dropped the other shoe, that is. “Wolves don’t bite humans just to turn them. This Ron wanted you as his mate.”

Lowe, Anna. Desert Fate (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 3) (p. 34). Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

“Skinwalker, wolf.” The terrified old Navajo woman muttered. Stephanie Alte wondered about that. She kept having the strangest dreams of running through the desert and chasing…. something. She just didn’t know what. All she could remember for sure was that she had to keep moving.

Kyle Williams, Arizona State Trooper, and a Changeling himself, knows more that he wants to about what Stef is going through. And it doesn’t take just a bite to change a person into a shifter. He was viciously clawed during a bar fight a few years ago. That was his start. But when he saw a woman in obvious trouble out in the desert, he couldn’t walk away.

Stephanie worked for a renewable energy company, selling solar panels and equipment to individuals and small companies. When she is called back several times to the same ranch to speak to the manager, she chalked it up to a manager just wanting to be sure before committing to the cost involved. She never suspected what came next!

Kyle looked at Stephanie and recognized a fellow military brat. She’d lived beside him for years and helped him through all the rough times with his stepfather. Now it was his turn to step up and help her to what lay ahead for her.

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