Untamed Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #6)

Bounding out, he shook to free his coat of the snow and sneezed. Damn, that’s fun. He turned to make another climb and repeat the wild ride when a tangle of lemon and orchid teased his nose. Whirling, he raised his head to catch the direction of the scent, because beneath the citrus was the musk of wolf—a wolf he’d already tossed three times in as many weeks. Dammit, Chrystal. All at once, his plans for the evening began to disintegrate. If the Three Rivers bitch hightailed it over the line again, he’d have to track her, catch her, punish her, and drop kick her ass back to Luciana “I Have No Idea What the Hell I’m Doing” Barrows.

Long, Heather. Untamed Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend Book 6) (p. 3). Heather Long. Kindle Edition.

Dylan Royce is a Hunter, currently assigned to the border between Willow Bend and the upstart Three Rivers pack. The five ruling Alphas couldn’t come to an unanimous decision on what to do about them. So for now, each pack had a strong Hunter assigned to monitor the wolves. Dylan’s job is to guard against any trespassers into Willow Bend.

Crystal is one of the members of the new pack. Raised outside of a pack, she struggles daily to understand the rules of this new pack. A dedicated artist, she wanders the forest in search of pictures to capture on her phone to paint later. Unfortunately, she frequently loses track of where exactly she is.

Dylan has returned Crystal to the border more than once. With her most recent trespass, he returns her to her Alpha’s doorstep. Even though Crystal is a pain in his backside, he has to wonder about her. She doesn’t seem to be in touch with her wolf at all and it bothers him. How did she ever become a Lone Wolf in the first place.

When a blizzard forces them to shelter together, Dylan learns more about the young woman. Nothing about her makes any sense so he sets out to teach her about being a wolf. When he finally coaxes her into telling him her story, he starts to understand more.

But it isn’t until the Alpha of Three Rivers demands Crystal’s return that things come to a head. As the stability of the pack begins to shake, Julian comes to Mason with his concerns about Crystal and what that means to a pack. Separating her from Dylan may not be a good idea!🧐😱

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