Desert Rose (Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #5)

An unexpected hero comes home.

Six weeks ago, he’d been running along behind his father in the open desert when a scream exploded into his mind. A scream exactly like the one he heard now. He stood stock-still and replayed the memory. Somewhere up north, that’s where it had been. He’d screeched to a halt in a dust cloud, forcing all four hooves to hold perfectly still so he could hear. “What the…?” his father had muttered once he’d turned back. “Shh!” He’d quieted his father so forcefully, the big boar jolted in surprise. “Shh,” Axel added, tilting his head to listen. Where was that voice coming from? He’d winced as another scream ripped through the night. Clear as a bell, even if it was only in his mind. A woman, terrified. A woman he had to protect at all costs. Why, he had no idea. Just that every bone in his body was behind the massive bellow he released into the night. A warning to whatever evil dared threaten her. One second, he’d been stiff as a statue, straining to hear, and the next, he’d thundered off on a new course, running toward the voice. Telling her, I’m coming! Hang on!

Lowe, Anna. Desert Rose (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 5) . Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

Beth always thought of herself as just a mousy librarian. Nothing special to look at, a idea that had been rubbed in by Audrey more than once. But after the huge stranger burst into the fight with the hellhound, saving Rick at the cost of serious injuries, she found herself almost compelled to sit and read to him.

Axel felt like he was in paradise. A big javelina shifter, he healed from injuries slower than other Shifters. More accustomed to being alone, the friendly pack around him was a bit of a shock. While he was unconscious, some woman had spent hours reading to him. More than once, it was her voice that kept him from slipping away. Now that he was up and recovering, he wondered if it was just a dream.

Coming back from some training on early literacy, Beth thought she’d just slip into her work at the library. But Aunt Jean drew her into children’s area where several of the children awaited her. As she settled down, she realized they weren’t alone, Axel was there also. In talking to him later, much later!, he let her know that he had heard her call from over 100 miles away. Something only destined mates could do.

Axel’s sojourn in Paradise came to a halt on Christmas Eve when his father and uncle tracked him down. A rival clan of Javelina Shifters was threatening the town where their women lived with the children. As much as Axel wanted to stay with Beth, he couldn’t deny the need to defend his family.

When the three big males find themselves in an ambush, then buried under debris from a rock slide, he makes a desperate call to say good bye to Beth. When she receives the call, can she locate her mate? And will she and her packmates be in time to make a difference in this fight?

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