River Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #7)

“Yeah, I caught wind of…the only way I can describe it was pack, not pack. Wolf, not wolf. Does that make any damn sense?”
“Not really,” but he didn’t discount it. The other wolf had a good nose. “But go on anyway.”
He took another drink of water before continuing. “I kept picking it up in different places, sometimes outside a cleaners, once near a grocery store. It was always faint, like I was a day or two behind. Then I’d lose it entirely. I stopped for food at this great burger joint and there it was…fresh.”
“So, being the planner you are, you shifted and took off after it.” Luc really didn’t have to continue. “You were so caught up on the scent, you didn’t pay attention to traffic?”
Grimace turning into a snarl, Luc glared at him. “Hey, in all fairness that jerkwad didn’t have his lights on, and he didn’t slow down after he clipped me either.”
“You could have been killed, you know?” The growl rumbled through him. Of all the idiotic, dumbass ways to die… “All for some damn curiosity. It’s supposed to kill cats, not wolves.”
“I almost did you know.” The faint grin didn’t vanish. “And as luck would have it…I found it.” Irked didn’t cover his feelings on the subject.
“Found what?”
“The scent. Or should I say, the owner of the scent.” Brett frowned. “Come on, I asked you if you checked out her scent. Didn’t you notice it?”
Colby’s contradictory scents. The unusual, provocative nature of it. “You think Colby is a wolf?”

Long, Heather. River Wolf: Wolves of Willow Bend (pp. 156-157). Heather Long. Kindle Edition.

Colby Jensen was finishing up a year long community service sentence for “facilitating the theft of pharmaceuticals.” As she went through her daily routine, the difficult male patient in room 510 asked something strange of her. First he asked her to come see him before she left. Then when she did, he asked her to drive him to a small town in NY, offering to pay her quite well for her troubles. Given his injuries, she should have turned him down flat. But she really didn’t have any firm plans for what she was going to do now, so she reluctantly agreed.

Brett Dalton, Alpha of Hudson River, was concerned when the Enforcers notified him that his friend, Luc Danes had been in an accident. They reported him as being in a coma and agreed to keep him informed of any further developments. A day or so later, the Enforcers told him that Luc had checked himself out of the hospital against medical advice and left with a human female. Brett knew that meant that Luc was apparently on his way to him.

Colby didn’t understand the people in the small town Luc had given her directions to. But they seemed to be trying to help him so she gathered her things to leave. Or at least, she tried. Somehow the gorgeous Brett and his friends kept enticing her to stay a little while longer.

If there was anything that Brett was sure of, he was sure of two things. First, he needed to solve the delightful mystery that was Colby. Second, he needed to repair the pack bonds. The damage that had been done by the insane wolf had to go. Not only for himself, but for his pack. There was too much riding on it. And the last thing he needed was to have not one but two Alpha Challenges!

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