Desert Roots (Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #6)

This bad boy won’t play by her rules.

This bad boy won’t play by the rules. Daredevil Carly Hawthorne, youngest of the Hawthorne wolf shifter clan, doesn’t believe in true love. At least, that’s what she thinks until bad boy Luke Brandstetter comes along, refusing to play by the rules. Luke is a man with more wrongs than rights in his past, and his scarred shifter soul yearns to turn over a new leaf. Somehow, he has to prove himself worthy — not just to Carly, but to her powerful pack of wolves. Can he protect his stubborn beauty from encroaching evil and earn a fresh start in life, or is love just another cruel trick of fate?

Lowe, Anna. Desert Roots (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 6) . Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

Carly Hawthorne was the daughter of one Alpha and the youngest sister of another. Her whole life had been spent bouncing from her father’s ranch in Arizona and her crazy mother’s pack in California. Neither place felt like home. Somehow she just never fit in with the people there.

Luke Brandstetter was a bad boy trying very hard to turn over a new leaf. His home pack of North Ridge, CO had been run by a cruel alpha who took what he wanted, mated or not. When he was 14, the alpha tried to take his sister against her will. Refusing him, she responded by killing herself with a shotgun. His father and older brothers tried to challenge the alpha one on one, but they killed during an ambush. That night his mother took him to the pack territory’s border and told him to run and never come back. But that alpha was dead now, killled by a wolf from the Twin Moon pack.

Carly glared at the unwelcome visitor to the ranch. She’d spent the night with him last night, then left before he awoke the nex morning. Now she heard the stunning news that Luke was the wolf that had clawed Kyle Williams in that long ago bar brawl, turning him in the process. Did she really want a man like that?

Luke had stopped at Twin Moon Ranch just to thank a wolf. His intention had been to say thanks, then take his leave and continue onward to North Ridge. They needed to know that there was a rogue wolf headed their way, trying to take over the pack. Finding out the old Alpha from Twin Moon was serving as Alpha made him pause.

As Ty and Cody, Carly’s older brothers, gave Luke every dirty job they could think of, they watched him to see what he would do. Would he take off, or would he fight for that fresh start? But when rogues from California came to the ranch, he had to make a big decision. Was he worthy of Carly, or not?

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