Single, Wicked Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #7.5)

“This will do,” he said after another pass. Glancing at her, he let the pleasure of her patience roll over him. She’d not taken a single step farther into the room while he worked. The moment their gazes locked, hers lowered a fraction. Shy, but with teeth. “Enjoy your shower, I will keep it safe for you.” Her gaze darted up to meet his and she raised her brows. Better. “I thought a shower for two would be more fun for us.” “Absolutely. Make no mistake, I want you.” He could practically taste the sweet feminine treat in her need as it perfumed the air. “But I will not coerce or have your wolf submit to mine because you think you should.” Aggravation blurred the lust in her delicious scent and she propped a hand on her jutted hip. “Signor, you are a devastatingly sexy man, and I’m not going to pretend you’re not aware of how attractive you are. But I have never, will never, and don’t plan to now, roll over and offer my ass to any dominant wolf that comes along.”

Long, Heather. Single Wicked Wolf: (Wolves of Willow Bend Book 7.5) (p. 18). Heather Long. Kindle Edition.

Murphy DeWitt was tired and hungry. After working the last few years as a translator for the diplomatic corps, she was heading home to be a bridesmaid in her friend, Shiloh’s wedding. Back to Willow Bend, her home. Trying to avoid the crowds, she smacked into what felt like a wall. Catching her balance, she realized it wasn’t a wall but a wolf!

Giovanni Conti was a Centurion for the Italian Alpha pair. He was heading for Willow Bend to make the arrangements for them to attend Margo’s younger brother’s wedding. Spotting the young she-wolf dodging people, he stepped into her path. Upon discovering they were headed to the same place, he invites her to join him.

It isn’t until they land in Chicago, that Murphy really regrets having told her mother she was seeing a European wolf. When Julian confronts Giovanni, the rising domination between the two has her calling Mason in a panic. After talking to Mason, Giovanni takes Murphy to a hotel for the night before they make the drive to Willow Bend.

Murphy heard Giovanni loud and clear, there would be a chase between them. But first thing first, there’s a wedding to be attended. After that, all bets are off.

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