Sasquatch Surprise (Twin Moon Spinoff)

All Nala Dixon wants is to make it home to her wolf pack in time for the holidays — alive. But a simple road trip turns into a fight for survival when a gang of vampires turns up, thirsting for her blood. A damn good thing a knight in shining armor rushes to her rescue — and hot damn, it’s Harrison, the sasquatch she’s secretly dreamed of for years.

Lowe, Anna. Sasquatch Surprise . Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

Nala Dixon is a college student in Cambridge. She’d been warned about the vampires in that area, but chose to attend there any way. She had been safe enough until the day she fell and scraped her leg on the sidewalk. A number of men in the area rushed to help her, but only one made chills run up her spine. That one had licked the little bit of blood from his hand and smiled at her. From that day on, he seemed to turn up any where she was.

Harrison was a lonely sasquatch. After his mother left him at 14, he had spent a number of years living with the local pack. He had fallen hard for the Alpha’s younger daughter. But after a planned trick on her nieces and nephews went badly awry, he’d left to make his way somewhere else. Something had told him however, that Nala needed him so he had returned to the area.

Heading home for the holidays, Nala dropped her roommate off and drove on. She wasn’t that many hours away from her pack. Unfortunately, when she checked her rear view mirror, a rather persistent SUV was still back there. The vampires were still stalking her and out here there was no truce to protect her. When an accident left her on foot, could she make it to safety in time? Unbeknownst to her, Harrison was drawing nearer. Would he make it in time?

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Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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