Mated to the Cyborgs (Interstellar Brides: The Colony #2)

“I am Captain Tyran, mate. I am your Primary Male. Do you understand what that means?” he asked.

I thought of my conversation with Warden Egara. Oh, yes. I knew all about what this meant. He was my match, my perfect match. And Hunt was the warrior he’d chosen to help him take care of me, to have children with, to be a family. It meant two lovers making a Kristin sandwich. I shivered and licked my lips. “Yes.”

Goodwin, Grace. Mated To The Cyborgs (Interstellar Brides®: The Colony Book 2) (p. 45). Kindle Edition.

FBI Agent Kristin Webster has spent the last eight years tracking and taking down the worst of humanity. She’s seen too much to believe she could ever trust a human man, but the promise of a perfect match through the Coalition’s Interstellar Brides Program has her settling into the testing chair to be matched to her alien mate. But her match isn’t a male from a distant planet, but two scarred Prillon warriors on the Colony. And when warriors begin to disappear, Kristin will take matters into her own hands.

Captains Hunt and Tyran have been waiting too long for a mate to allow her to risk her life chasing evil. But their defiant little human won’t listen. They are determined to tame her, claim her, keep her safe…no matter the cost

Fantastic storyline, great characters. I’ve enjoyed this entire series so much. Please tell us there is more stories coming our way.

Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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