Fire Maiden Paris

So Great! I’m reading this series myself


Title: Fire Maidens: Paris

Series: Billionaires & Bodyguards #1

Release Date: #AlreadyReleased

Author: Anna Lowe

Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan

Serial: Standalone, No Cliffhanger

#PRN #DragonShifters #Vampires



💢 This author never-ever lets me down, reading her books are always phenomenal. Definitely a Must Read!

🔹️ Natalie Brewer is a volunteer for the soup kitchen or at least she was until she became famous with Vampires. She can’t believe there are Vampires, Shifters, Gargoyles and Dragons she could not believe the supernaturals are alive. Better yet she can’t believe what they’re telling her? There’s just no way !

🔹️Tristan Chevalier is a Dragon Shifter who comes to Paris to work for the Guardians of Paris, he will protect the city. But as usual things change and he is to be a bodyguard now and guess who he’s protecting none other and then his MATE!

☄️ This author has magic fingers…

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