Bear in Mind (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 23)

Geri Wilder and Barbara Wolfe team up!

Summer nodded and waved bye to Barbara before walking out. As soon as the door shut, Barbara broke into loud laughter. “You are the most devious woman I’ve ever met. But that young lady does need a good orgasm. So, who do you have in mind?”

“I think this is one case I won’t have to do much meddling. If my senses are correct, she should be meeting her mate at the elevator right about now. My job will be to keep pushing them together and make sure the stubborn girl doesn’t send him away.”

Taiden, Milly. Bear in Mind (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 23) . Latin Goddess Press, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Private Investigator, Summer Delgado hopes Gerri can find her twin sister a man. If anyone needs a happily ever after, it’s Winter. But not Summer. She’s got no time for romance. Even if it’s wrapped in smoking-hot shifter muscles. She’s got to focus on the break-in at Gerri Wilder’s apartment. Who needs a sexy, grumpy bear stomping around? Not Summer. Nope. Gerri has other plans, of course. 

As the alpha of his den, Quinn Teddy isn’t interested in finding a mate. He’s got other things to worry about. Like getting Gerri Wilder’s recipes and helping his ailing father. He’s also got a missing mother and twin brother to find. When he collides into Summer, his bear reacts. Both man and animal want to bask in her sunny presence. But Teddy knows he shouldn’t have time for the sassy beauty. Even if she does have curves in all the right places. But he can’t stay away. 

Thankfully, Summer’s a gifted private investigator and agrees to help Quinn. Together, they‘ll follow a new trail of clues to recover the missing Teddy family members. The quest will test their budding relationship and put Summer’s life on the line. Quinn has already lost so much. He’ll do anything to keep her safe from the dangers of his past.

What Others Thought:


Two worlds colliding, friends up to their old tricks together, a couple separated finally reunited, a new mating and the promise of another mating, suspense, thrills, hot loving, this book is absolutely perfect, it has it all and then some!!! A must read and a keeper to reread again and again. This is my new favorite PDA book!!!

Debra B

What I Thought:

I’m being kind. There was just something that didn’t sit well with me. This just seems rushed and not so enjoyable. I can’t even put my finger on the problem. But I did enjoy seeing the matriarch from the Sassy Mates series visiting an old friend!

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