Matched and Mated (Interstellar Brides® Book 16)

The newfound confidence I’d discovered within myself was something Brax had given me over the last few months. But tonight would either be a new beginning for us, or an ending. The friends with benefits arrangement we’d had since the beginning wasn’t enough for me anymore. A wild few days when he was in town and off-duty couldn’t satisfy me any longer. Oh, he’d give me orgasms and make me a sweaty heap, but I wanted more than sex with him. I was finally whole, ready to give my heart away— and Brax was more than halfway to claiming it already. I wanted everything Natalie had, everything I’d followed her to Trion to have for myself. I loved looking after Noah, and his new little sister, but seeing Natalie give birth to a second child— the little baby girl now only days old— made me yearn for the first time in years. My ovaries practically exploded just holding her. But Brax didn’t want babies. He didn’t want a mate. He didn’t want anything more than a fun time. I wasn’t mad. I hadn’t wanted more either… until I did. And that wasn’t his fault.

Grace Goodwin. Matched and Mated: Interstellar Brides® Program – Book 16 (Kindle Locations 84-92).

Miranda Doyle has spent months in the arms of a mysterious Trion doctor. His hands are skilled at more than just healing, but their casual “friends with benefits” arrangement isn’t enough for her. She wants it all, and the Interstellar Brides Program guarantees her not just a mate, but a perfect match.

Doctor Valck Brax is in love with Miranda, a human female who surrenders to his touch so beautifully. Finally ready to claim her forever, he resigns and returns to her with mating adornments in hand. But he’s too late. Miranda is gone, half a universe away and in the arms of a fierce Prillon warrior.

Captain Trist Treval of Battlegroup Zakar is a cold and cunning fighter. Infamous for his unforgiving nature and calculating ways, war has been his life. Now, with three little words, “you’ve been matched,” everything changes. He’ll destroy anything and everyone who tries to take his beautiful new mate from him, including the foolish doctor from Trion who arrives on the battleship claiming she belongs to him.

She’s been matched, but who will she choose as her mate?

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Oh, My Roared: (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 12)

“Okay,” Marcus conceded, “I’m thrilled you found your mate last night.” A horrible thought crossed his mind. Please god, no. “Theo, where was your party last night?”

“Some place pretty spiffy. Ruth’s steakhouse or something.” Marcus groaned. This was not happening. “Why? Steak kabobs were great. Still moo-ing.”

“Does your mate have long brown hair that looks like flowing silk?” Marcus asked.

“Yeah, it’s beautiful. I can’t wait to fist my hand in it while she sucks me down.” A shudder rippled through his friend’s body. “Does yours, too?”

He chose not to answer as he filled his coffee mug. “Does she have a curvy body that would feel great pressed under you?”

“And an ass that doesn’t quit. I’ve always liked asses. I’m an ass man, through and through.” Theo rubbed his crotch and he stretched on the sofa.

Marcus mumbled, “Was that ‘ass, man’ or ‘ass-man’?” He shook his head. “Maybe just ass would be correct.”

“What were you are saying in there, dude?” Theo continued to rub his dick while Marcus leaned against the encased opening between the kitchen and living space.

“Is her name Francesca Virgata?”

Taiden, Milly. Oh, My Roared: BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 12) (pp. 38-39). Latin Goddess Press Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Francesca Virgata wants a mate. She longs for the perfect kind of love her parents had. There’s only one problem, she has zero prospects. Thankfully, she’s heard of Gerri Wilder who promises to make all her mating dreams come true.

Theo and Marcus are best friends and share everything, even women. So when they both fall for Francesca, it’s only natural they have a friendly competition over who can get the girl. After some thought, and a hot little interlude, they realize she shouldn’t choose one over the other, they should work together to make the perfect triad. A lion, a tiger and a bear, oh my!

There has been talk of abuse in Francesca’s pride and she won’t tolerate it. She’ll fight tooth and claw to ensure all members are safe. But when her brother turns on her, who will protect her? Theo and Marcus will do anything for her, but it might be easier to let them both go than to choose only one of the men she’s come to love.

What Others Thought:

  • This is Theo , Marcus and Francesca’s story . Francesca wants a love like her parents had and is not willing to settle for anything less . Theo and Marcus compete for each other for Francesca’s love but soon realize that unless they work together both will lose . Her brother is turning into a stranger whom allows abuse to happen and Francesca has seen and heard enough . When he finally turns on her she knows she needs help ! This is well written and recommended to all . – minimimof2
  • So many emotions, i thought i was having a panic attack from the party that was going on, i had to put the book down for a few minutes before i could resume. I almost skipped that part the second try but I’m glad i didn’t. It was a great book, i was on the emotional roller coaster that this book was. Glad miss taiden didn’t add the details from previous incidents, and I’m glad everything worked out and they got their HEA. – Rebecca

What I Thought:

Adorable! True, they’re not the typical triad but the outcome is great. Combining a lion pride with a tiger pride and throw in a bear clan, what could be more fun?

Rebel Alpha (Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire Book 5)

Dragon heiress and her bad boy wolf shifter get a second chance at romance. Is it too late?

There really was a Triumph Thruxton parked in the driveway, and the man who’d arrived on it was a vision straight out of her dreams. He was older. Wearier. Wiser — like her, no doubt. Handsome as ever, in that roguish way that kept most people at arm’s length. He was harder and tougher than when they’d first met, as if the invisible armor he wore had grown even thicker in the intervening years.

Had he pined for her the way she’d pined for him? Had he shed even a quarter of the tears she had? Or did he loathe her for what she’d been forced to do, the way she loathed herself at times?

Cal Zydler. Road rider. Wolf shifter.

Mate, her dragon cried.

“Cal,” she whispered in spite of herself.

His smoky gray eyes gave nothing away, and neither did his deep, unwavering voice.

“Cynthia,” he murmured in a tone so low, it might have been a whisper on the wind.

Anna Lowe. Rebel Alpha (Kindle Locations 156-163). Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

All dragon shifter Cynthia “Brown” wants is a safe place to raise her child and heal from bitter betrayal. When Cal — her first love, her only love, and her destined mate — unexpectedly appears on Maui, he stirs up all kinds of other desires too. But trouble — as usual — is hot on his heels.

Cal Zydler has spent a decade secretively protecting the only woman he’s ever loved. Cynthia may be hopelessly out of his league, but he’ll never, ever give up on her, no matter how forbidden their love is. In his dreams, he rides off into the sunset with his destined mate on the back of his vintage motorcycle. In real life… Well, not every wolf shifter gets a happy ending, especially not a guy from the wrong side of the tracks. And not when danger lurks everywhere — even on a sunny island paradise.

Evil shifter forces are gathering to attack the Hawaiian hideaway where Cynthia and her young son have taken refuge. It’s her darkest hour, and Cal is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. The future of all shifters stands on the brink, and even the Special Forces heroes of Koakea — dragons, lions, wolves, and bear shifters — will need help to beat the odds. Does Cal pose the ultimate danger, or is he Cynthia’s only hope?

What Others Thought:

  • “This is a story that you need to experience firsthand for yourself. I can tell you there will be epic battles, secrets revealed, friendships strengthened, families grown… and one couple will reunite as they always should have been, mates living finally in peace and love. I loved every moment in this world.” – Keeper Bookshelf Reviews
  • “So heartbreaking, but also so loving…a lovely conclusion to the series giving us a charming second chance romance with a little action, suspense, and lots of love.” – Angel’s Guilty Pleasures

What I Thought:

Fabulous end to this series! And yet, leads onward to more stories. Cynthia and Cal waited long enough for their second chance at love!

Untouchable: Rules and Roses

181 class days to go, and I’ll graduate. No problem, right?

When it comes down to acclaim in the yearbook, my class rank would probably earn me my only entry, but very little else. I don’t wear cosmetics, do my hair or really give a damn about my appearance in general. I don’t need to be cool, and I’ve managed my high school career navigating all the different groups from the nerds to the jocks to the theatre kids and the band geeks.

Kicking off senior year, my only focus is to make every AP class count and keep my grades up. Shouldn’t be hard, particularly with my so-called untouchable status. Oh yeah, imagine that—I had a reputation. Hadn’t been a blip on my radar until the end of junior year when one of the girls’ dropped that little nugget on me. Apparently, the guys at school considered me the best girl to hang out with for fun or homework, but nothing else.

While I’m not looking for a date, it’s a little hard to swallow that I ranked as the best bud and tutor, but would definitely never fall into the Girl Most Likely To Get Asked Out.

Pfft. What did I care? One more year and I was off to college, so what if the numbers of female friends I used to have drifted off and I’d scored a permanent seat in the friend zone. I had subjects to study, grades to maintain, and colleges to get into. Fine, I didn’t care about the rules or status before, and I wouldn’t now.

181 class days to go, and I’ll graduate. No problem, right?

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About the Authors:

Heather Long

USA Today bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime. 

From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories—her characters drive the books. When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family.

She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

Heather is best known for her 20-book paranormal romance series Wolves of Willow Bend, which begins:

Prequel: Wolf at Law
1: Wolf Bite
2: Caged Wolf
3: Wolf Claim
3.5: Wolf Next Door
4: Rogue Wolf
5: Bayou Wolf
6: Untamed Wolf

Contact Details:

Excerpt of Rules and Roses by Heather Long:

“Frankie,” Mom called. “You’re going to be late.”

“I’m not going to be late,” I yelled, not bothering to straighten from where I was digging under the bed for my shoes. I had one, the other was just almost out of—got it. Fingers hooked into the heel of the sneaker, I yanked it out and then pivoted to sit on the floor so I could put on my shoes.

Tiddles eyed me from his perch on my windowsill. He paused mid-groom as though I’d disturbed him with my antics. Shoes on, I stood and gave the black feline a scratch under his chin. He purred his approval then resumed his grooming as I snagged my backpack, made sure my wallet was secured where it went, then checked for my keys before giving the room a once over.

Bed not made. Clothes still in the hamper because I didn’t have time to do laundry over the weekend. My uniform stuck out of the top with its ugly ketchup stain prominent as if giving me the bird. Fine, I’d do laundry after school. I didn’t work again until Wednesday, anyway.

I scanned the floor—I’d vacuum before Mom noticed, had an aneurism, and ripped my head off. Course, that depended heavily on if she noticed. Backpack over my shoulder, I pulled the bedroom door wide and left it that way. Tiddles would spend ninety percent of his day in my room, but if I shut him in there, he’d shred the door or the carpet. As Mom always said, we needed the pet deposit back someday.

Speaking of Mom, she stood in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. As I approached, she pushed a sealed tumbler of coffee toward me along with two twenties.

I eyed the money then her. “Thank you,” I muttered, claiming the coffee. I had a car and the school was less than ten minutes away by car, but I always went in early. First day, new year, and I had six AP classes and a TA period. No time for slacking, senior year or not.

“Take the money, too.” Mom held up a hand before I could open my mouth. “Not a word, Frankie. Put the money in your wallet. I don’t care if you never spend it, but you’re going to have pocket money.”

I made my own money. I worked at the fast food joint two blocks from school—Mason’s, home of the Big and Thick, known for its big burgers and thick shakes. Yes, it sounded dirty, but I’d gotten over blushing about it years ago. I still snickered, though. Course, every penny I earned was currently being poured into a savings account.

One I’d dipped into to fix my car two weeks earlier, but I still had to have air conditioning and a car that didn’t overheat. It was supposed to be over a hundred today and would stay about that for the next week or so. Back to school did not mean fall weather in Texas.



“You’ve been working your butt off, missy, and instead of cruising through your senior year—which you could be doing—you’re overachieving, again.” Madeline Curtis, Maddy to her friends, Mad Maddy to her family, and Mom to me, shook her head.

“Every AP exam I ace equals one less college class I have to take a loan out for.” Since I had my eye on an out of state university, I needed all the help with that tuition I could get. I’d done two classes in my sophomore year, five in my junior, and this year was all AP classes. I only needed three of those classes to finish my credits for graduation. “I really don’t mind.”

The Commanders’ Mate (Interstellar Brides® Book 15)

“Commander Karter, this is Battleship Karter. Please respond.”

“This is Karter,” I barked into my helmet.

“Sir, you need to get to the transport room as quickly as possible for an incoming transport.”

I looked at Bard, who shook his head. We were in agreement.

“I told you, no incoming transports. This ship is running on power reserves and is still in danger.” When the voice through the comms remained silent, I continued, “Explain. The Varsten has been attacked. The entire battlegroup has been compromised. The ship is not safe for non-essential personnel. Again, no one is to come here but warriors or medical crew, as ordered.”

“I understand, Commander, but the transport system is still operational. My apologies, I couldn’t stop them.”

Couldn’t stop who? “What are you talking about? Get to the point. I’m busy.” “I tried to stop them, sir, but it was too late.”

“Too late?” As a commander I had learned to dread those words. “Too late to stop what?”

“Your bride, Commander. The Interstellar Brides Program on Earth pinged your location via the transport system and initiated transport to Battleship Varsten automatically. Your bride is mid-transport. I cannot reroute her without risking her life.”

“My what?” My mind refused to process his words. It simply was not possible.

“Your Interstellar Bride, Commander. Congratulations, sir. She will arrive in the next few minutes.”

Grace Goodwin. The Commanders’ Mate: Interstellar Brides® Program – Book 15 (Kindle Locations 315-327).

Commander Karter is a Prillon Warrior. His first duty is to protect his people, to defend the Coalition worlds from a fate too terrible to comprehend. Battle is his life. His heart. He fights. He has never once been selfish enough to believe he deserved an Interstellar Bride. Until he’s matched at the worst possible time.

Astronomer Erica Roberts has always dreamed of seeing the stars. Volunteering as an Interstellar Bride is a win-win, not only will she be able to see the galaxy, but she’s more than ready to take on the two alien warriors she’s been promised. She’s all in. But when she transports directly into the aftermath of a battle, she quickly learns this won’t be an easy match. Her two commanders are torn between battling the Hive and battling their need for her.

If a new Hive weapon can destroy a Coalition battlegroup in the space of a single heartbeat, what will it do to Commander Karter’s match? And how is he and his second supposed to keep their mate safe if they can’t even save themselves?

What Others Thought:

“So damn hot, it’s sizzling! This book, this series, is awesome. I really can’t say enough great things about Author, Grace Goodwin.” ICU2QTPI (Amazon)

What I Thought:

Commander Karter finally gets his mate! Thank the gods, she’s someone who won’t take any of his BS but has the backbone to stand up and beside him no matter what may happen! Now, when can we expect to hear some more about the Rogues????

Beasts of Both Worlds (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 22)

“Tell me more about this reunion,” Gerri said.

“I was planning to skip it but got an email from the head of the planning committee and my personal nemesis. She stated she was sure I hadn’t changed at all since school, so she was giving my ‘plus one’ status to someone else who needed an extra ticket.” Harlow slid a bit lower in her chair and avoided Gerri’s eyes. Gerri didn’t say anything but listened intently, sipping on her drink.

“In high school, I was a wallflower. I didn’t have any friends. I was too shy, too quiet, just too different to fit in. I was just not the social butterfly other women are. Anyway, the head cheerleader, prom queen—you know the type, the clique popular girl—for some reason made it her mission to hate me. She belittled me all the time.

“I don’t know why, honestly. I guess it made her feel better and that was all that was important. So, I didn’t date at all, and actually, I haven’t dated really since then. My family isn’t one you would take someone home to.”

“I see. You lost your job, your mom made you feel like shit, and then the clique mean girl dropped back into your life. I could see how that would take a toll. You need a few orgasms to make life look a bit brighter.” Gerri calmly took a bite of a scone she picked up and winked at Harlow.

Taiden, Milly. Beasts of Both Worlds (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 22) . Latin Goddess Press, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Fighting a lifetime of learned prejudice against shifters, Harlow Quinn left home to escape her family. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect to find Gerri Wilder of the Paranormal Dating Agency and two smokin’ hot mates. Just thinking of them made her hormones go up in flames.

Lux Luther, wolf alpha, and his tiger beta, Osian Drive knew they would someday find the woman to complete their triad. They didn’t think she’d be so sassy and sexy. From the first glance, they had to fight the dirty thoughts about Harlow and her gorgeous lips. But not for long.

Targeted by a heinous group of anti-shifters, this unlikely threesome must place the fate of their world in their unwavering love and trust in one another or lose more than just their happily ever after. Some horrors are worse than anything ever imagined, and for Lux, Harlow, and Osian it’s a fight for their very existence.

What Others Thought:

  • Beasts of Both Worlds is the 22nd book in the Paranormal Dating Agency series. In this book we follow human Harlow, wolf shifter Lux & tiger shifter Osian on their way to happily ever after. – PMW
  • As usual Gerri takes us on another exciting trip thru the world of shifter dating. I really wish she would find my hot shifter mate. In true human fashion they always run when they see the hot shifter coming, but that is where the excitement comes into play. Tabi Ann Prewett

What I Thought:

This was unexpected! This is the first time I remember Gerri reaching out to the shifters before they reached for her. I can sympathize with how Harlow felt from High School. I was a bit of a wallflower myself and I’ve never been back to any of the reunions.

Queenmaker (Heart of the Nebula Book 1)

Everything changed when I crashed into a food truck.

By Heather Long and Rebecca Royce

It all started with a brutal hill. An incline that I was determined to crest. One, long, punishing climb with my thighs screaming as I pumped the pedals for all I was worth. That hill could have been a metaphor for my whole life. I was climbing out of the crater left by a broken heart, ready to seize control again. Making it up that hill was a good first step.

Then I hit the food truck.

Enter Reese Riley, blond, gorgeous, stunning sapphire eyes and the kind of smile to set my blood on fire. No way he was real. With charm to spare, he walked me home and then asked me out. Then he introduced me to his friends—Briggs, Goran, and Dalton. Stunning men, all of them. Funny, too. They flirted, they teased, and they indulged. They were incredible, each of them, and they fit into my life like they’d been born to be there. I didn’t know whether to celebrate or to run like hell.

Oh, and did I mention they were aliens?

To be honest, it was a little hard to get into this one. But once I did, it was really, really good. I could have killed both authors when I hit the ending! I’m looking forward to the next one!

Rebel Wolf (Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire Book 4)

The road dipped and turned, and just when Sophie was thinking of asking Chase to pull over for a moment, he hit the blinker and did exactly that.

“Okay with you?” he asked.

“Perfect,” she whispered, looking out over the ocean. A tangle of wild roses stood beside the pickup, and she could smell their heavenly scent. Beyond them, the Pacific stretched to a faraway point where she couldn’t tell water from sky any more.

Sophie Wilkins — bookworm and smoothie chef extraordinaire — has moved to Maui for a reminder of all the beauty and love in the world. And love is what she gets from shy, retiring, and utterly gorgeous man she meets. Chase is everything her lonely heart has ever yearned for. He’s mysterious too, with a raw, animal intensity that appeals to a wild side she never knew she had.

Chase Hoving is a wolf shifter born and bred in the wild — a secret he must protect at all costs. After a decade in an elite Special Forces unit, he’s tempted to turn his back on the human world and return to that quieter, simpler life. Then destiny brings him Sophie, who fills his soul with hope and light.

But danger lurks everywhere, from the private estate Chase protects, to the wilds of his homeland, and even in the seaside park where Sophie works. Worse, evil forces from Sophie’s past are ruthlessly hunting her down. Has Chase learned enough about human ways to win over his destined mate — and protect her from a terrible fate?

What Others Thought:

  • Rebel Wolf is a story that you’ll easily get caught up in, danger you can sense and people to cheer with, laugh with and even cry with… and sexy as possible as well. – Shifter Haven
  • Exciting, funny, thrilling, suspenseful, and steamy hot shifter romance! – Roxie’s Romance Reviews
  • Adorable, cute, sweet, and explosive! “Rebel Wolf” is full of love in all its many forms.” – Angel’s Guilty Pleasures

What I Thought:

I love how sweet, shy Chase has found his mate. Sophia is a perfect match for him. The dogs were a fun touch, as well!

Claimed by the Vikens (Interstellar Bride Program #14)

May the best man win…

The only thing former Coalition warriors Calder, Zed and Axon have in common are long years spent battling the Hive, and their eagerness to claim their personal reward—their own Interstellar Bride.
When news arrives on Viken that each of the warriors has been matched, they gather at the transport station only to receive two unwelcome surprises.

First, they are all matched to the same woman, and not one of them is inclined to share.
Second, their mate has refused them.
She won’t leave Earth and transport to Viken.
Won’t give any of them a chance to win her heart.

But these warriors will not back down from a challenge.
When one states his intention to travel to Earth and retrieve his mate,
the others will not allow him to make the journey alone.
Their mate will be seduced.
One by one, they will tame her.
Make her their own.

May the best man win…

What Others Thought:

Fast paced erotic story with lots of action and plenty to hold your interest. Grace Goodwin at her BEST! HEA & Epilogue. What I will remember about this delightful book is that a putting together a family of four separate people takes time and some compromises. The men were at first competitive individuals. It took more time for them to realize that they were better together than they could ever be as individuals or couples.

When danger struck, they worked as a team to take down the guilty party. They put their bride, Violet and her love for her sister, Mindy, ahead of their own needs.

If You’ve been reading Grace Goodwin’s stories, You’ll love this on every bit as the others. If your new to Grace Goodwin’s Sci-Fi romances, you’ve a treat ahead of you with this book. Grace is a gifted writer. You won’t feel like your missing a big chuck of world-building or backstory. Just dive in and ENJOY!

Sue Me

Love Love Love this Book Series!!

I just adore this book series and even though this is the fourteenth story, it is just as great as the first, if not better! Reading this series made me understand the appeal of multi partner relationships and how supportive they are for all. Great story!

Florida Book Addict

What I Thought:

Not one but three hot guys chasing me across the galaxy? Where do I sign up? First, it was so funny to see the reaction of the guys when it turned out that they were being mated to the same woman. Not what any of them had originally signed up for! But then when said woman refused to transfer? Not happening!

Fire Maidens: Rome (Billionaires and Bodyguards #3)

Danger lurks over Europe, where a ruthless dragon clan plots to seize power in the grandest, most glamorous cities. The guardians of old have summoned a new generation of shifter heroes to protect the castles, cathedrals, and cobblestoned streets of their ancestral homes — and to seek out the last of the Fire Maidens, women coveted by the dark lords for their royal blood. Those women are absolutely off-limits to the young warriors tasked with protecting them. But destiny, of course, has other ideas…

New Yorker Lena Castamolino has trouble. Big trouble. Every time the full moon shines, her body tries to turn into a wild beast, and she has no idea why. Her skin goes all leathery, and her shoulders begin the agonizing transformation into wings.

Wings! Could it have to do with her recent move to Rome — a magical city that called to her for years? Or does the answer lie in the father who abandoned her at birth? Either way, she needs help, because all the grit and determination in the world can’t stop the moon — or the evil forces hot on her trail.

Rome may be known as the Eternal City, but eternal banishment is more like it for members of the despised Monseratti clan. But wolf shifter Sergio Monseratti has been granted one last chance to return to the city he loves, and he’s not about to blow it. “All” he has to do is bring down a ruthless mafia boss, and he can’t afford any distractions now. And he absolutely, positively cannot fall in love with the mysterious woman who could be the key to saving the city, no matter how high the passion between them builds.

Dazzling starlets, billionaire playboys, vengeful enemies, power-hungry dragons, secret heirs… It’s impossible to know who to trust, but one thing is for sure — destiny is on the move, and Rome is its stage.

Find it Here:

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