Cyborg Seduction (Interstellar Brides: The Colony #3)

“Enquiring minds,” I offered. “Since the death of Captain Brooks, there are conspiracy theorists burning up the internet with all kinds of crazy stories.” Swinging my hands through the air to indicate the entire base, or even planet, I continued, “They think this is some kind of prison. That the Coalition is taking our soldiers and locking them up here without due process. That they are being tortured and denied their freedom, little better than slaves. And there are a lot of people who believe it.”

She rolled her eyes. “Jeez. No wonder they’ve had trouble recruiting from Earth the last few months.” Rachel muttered.

Goodwin, Grace. Cyborg Seduction (Interstellar Brides®: The Colony Book 3) (p. 77). KSA Publishers. Kindle Edition.

Lindsey Walters is a blogger who takes the craziest assignment of her life—sneak aboard a freighter bound for the terrifying alien prison planet known as The Colony and find out the truth about what’s happening to Earth’s brave soldiers.

A Hunter from Everis banished to the Colony, Kiel’s focus is to search for hidden enemies on his new home planet, not love. But when his mark awakens and he shares dreams with an unknown woman, everything changes. When he finds her offered as the prize in the Colony’s brutal fighting pits, he must fight for her with every ounce of strength he possesses, or risk losing her to another.

Fantastic job bringing a single mother with a son to the Colony. The way the couple met just couldn’t have been better. I’d love to see the two mothers getting courted as well!

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