Bearfoot and Pregnant (Paranormal Dating Agency #10)

“When was the last time you went out with a nice guy who treated you right?” Gerri asked. She might have thought the question a joke if there wasn’t real interest in Gerri’s eyes.


Gerri’s brows dipped over her beautiful blue eyes. “Yes.” Then she smiled. “Too many to remember?”

“Hardly. How about never.” She could have probably changed that to at least once if she had taken Massimo up on his offer, but she had a feeling he was more interested in a booty call than an actual date.

Gerri’s eyes widened in surprise. “Now you are the one messing with me.”

“Nope. Not even a little.” She shrugged. “As nice as I try to be, most men don’t care about a woman’s personality. It’s her body they are more concerned with and I don’t have one that is ‘sexy.’”

“Says who?”

“Um, every man I’ve ever met, dated, and the one jerk I was married to for six months.”

Taiden, Milly. Bearfoot and Pregnant: BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 10) . Latin Goddess Press Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Cassandra Grimaldi’s boss has lost her mind. Too bad. She really liked the fiery matchmaker. But when Gerri offers to prove aliens are real and multiple orgasms exist, Cassie can’t help but be curious. Who would say no to orgasms and aliens? Not this curvy girl!

What’s a bear to do when his mate leaves him after he’s mated her? Talen Arctos goes to Earth to claim sassy and curvy Cassie. Now if only he could figure out how to convince her to return to his planet with him without offending her…again.

With a brother wreaking havoc in his clan and his pregnant mate thinking she’s a one-night stand, Talen has his work cut out for him. Good thing this bear isn’t letting his woman go. Even if he has to learn what groveling means.

This couple was really quite cute. Cass didn’t believe Gerri until she proved it. Talen forgot that Cass wasn’t from Aurora. What else could have gone wrong for them. The writing, as always, is top notch and engaging. The couples totally believable.

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