His Virgin Princess (Interstellar Brides: The Virgins #3)

“Well, I have friends. We’ll call Katie and Lexi. They’re also from Earth. They’ve only been on Everis for a short time, just like me, and I promise you, they aren’t part of any plot to kill you. They don’t even know who you are. Hell, when we volunteered, we had no idea we would be matched to Everis. You can trust them.”

“I do not know them.”

“Do you trust me?” I asked, looking up at him.

He straightened, as if I’d insulted him. Puffed up his chest. “You are my Marked Mate. I trust you implicitly. You are the only one.”

I put my hand on his arm. But not liking the cold, stiff cloth separating us, I slid my palm down until our hands, our marks, touched. “Then trust me in this. Katie and Lexi will help. Their mates— Elite Hunters— will help.”

“I don’t know. They sound suspicious, and not worthy, living in caves. How do they properly care for their mates?”

I laughed, I couldn’t help it, the Earth-girl reference to caveman mentality obviously was not translating well through Warden Egara’s handy NPU. “They don’t actually live in caves. On Earth, that’s what we call a man who is overly protective, dominant and bossy.”

“Who is we?”

“The women.”

This made him grin for the first time, and I knew I wanted to see humor in his eyes a lot more often in the future. “Then they sound like excellent males indeed, for that is how I intend to be with you. Overly protective, bossy and definitely dominant.”

Grace Goodwin. His Virgin Princess (Kindle Locations 291-305).

Danielle arrives on Everis excited to meet her new mate. She watches as her friends find happiness while haunted by dreams of an Everian Hunter who will not come for her—a mate who refuses to claim her. But something isn’t right. The dreams turn dark. Tortured. Her mate is suffering, and nothing will stop her from finding him—especially not his stern orders to choose another, to protect herself above all others, and cherish her life above his own.

Gage of Everis is heir to a seat on the Seven, the ruling council of families that have held power on Everis for thousands of years. He’s the last prince of his line, the last surviving heir, and someone doesn’t want him to rise to his place on the ruling council. Betrayed, tortured and alone, Gage has found solace in knowing he’s protected his Marked Mate from sharing his fate. But his stubborn bride refuses to listen to reason.

When she finds him, there will be a reckoning. Not only is Gage determined to find those who betrayed him, but to conquer the wild huntress who came for him in the dark and stole his heart.

What Others Thought:

Fast paced and difficult to put down, another great installment in the Interstellar Brides Series!


I really love Grace’s Interstellar Bride series and all of its spin-offs. While my absolute favorite aliens are the Atlans (a pre-order for April’s Atlan/Colony book was posted today), all the books in this series are winners and I have purchased them all.

Samm Lynn

What I Thought:

This couple was something else! I can just hear Danni saying “Bet Me!” when Gage wants her to find someone else. So funny to think about. I’m looking forward to reading more!

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