Rebel Wolf (Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire Book 4)

The road dipped and turned, and just when Sophie was thinking of asking Chase to pull over for a moment, he hit the blinker and did exactly that.

“Okay with you?” he asked.

“Perfect,” she whispered, looking out over the ocean. A tangle of wild roses stood beside the pickup, and she could smell their heavenly scent. Beyond them, the Pacific stretched to a faraway point where she couldn’t tell water from sky any more.

Sophie Wilkins — bookworm and smoothie chef extraordinaire — has moved to Maui for a reminder of all the beauty and love in the world. And love is what she gets from shy, retiring, and utterly gorgeous man she meets. Chase is everything her lonely heart has ever yearned for. He’s mysterious too, with a raw, animal intensity that appeals to a wild side she never knew she had.

Chase Hoving is a wolf shifter born and bred in the wild — a secret he must protect at all costs. After a decade in an elite Special Forces unit, he’s tempted to turn his back on the human world and return to that quieter, simpler life. Then destiny brings him Sophie, who fills his soul with hope and light.

But danger lurks everywhere, from the private estate Chase protects, to the wilds of his homeland, and even in the seaside park where Sophie works. Worse, evil forces from Sophie’s past are ruthlessly hunting her down. Has Chase learned enough about human ways to win over his destined mate — and protect her from a terrible fate?

What Others Thought:

  • Rebel Wolf is a story that you’ll easily get caught up in, danger you can sense and people to cheer with, laugh with and even cry with… and sexy as possible as well. – Shifter Haven
  • Exciting, funny, thrilling, suspenseful, and steamy hot shifter romance! – Roxie’s Romance Reviews
  • Adorable, cute, sweet, and explosive! “Rebel Wolf” is full of love in all its many forms.” – Angel’s Guilty Pleasures

What I Thought:

I love how sweet, shy Chase has found his mate. Sophia is a perfect match for him. The dogs were a fun touch, as well!

Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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