The Commanders’ Mate (Interstellar Brides® Book 15)

“Commander Karter, this is Battleship Karter. Please respond.”

“This is Karter,” I barked into my helmet.

“Sir, you need to get to the transport room as quickly as possible for an incoming transport.”

I looked at Bard, who shook his head. We were in agreement.

“I told you, no incoming transports. This ship is running on power reserves and is still in danger.” When the voice through the comms remained silent, I continued, “Explain. The Varsten has been attacked. The entire battlegroup has been compromised. The ship is not safe for non-essential personnel. Again, no one is to come here but warriors or medical crew, as ordered.”

“I understand, Commander, but the transport system is still operational. My apologies, I couldn’t stop them.”

Couldn’t stop who? “What are you talking about? Get to the point. I’m busy.” “I tried to stop them, sir, but it was too late.”

“Too late?” As a commander I had learned to dread those words. “Too late to stop what?”

“Your bride, Commander. The Interstellar Brides Program on Earth pinged your location via the transport system and initiated transport to Battleship Varsten automatically. Your bride is mid-transport. I cannot reroute her without risking her life.”

“My what?” My mind refused to process his words. It simply was not possible.

“Your Interstellar Bride, Commander. Congratulations, sir. She will arrive in the next few minutes.”

Grace Goodwin. The Commanders’ Mate: Interstellar Brides® Program – Book 15 (Kindle Locations 315-327).

Commander Karter is a Prillon Warrior. His first duty is to protect his people, to defend the Coalition worlds from a fate too terrible to comprehend. Battle is his life. His heart. He fights. He has never once been selfish enough to believe he deserved an Interstellar Bride. Until he’s matched at the worst possible time.

Astronomer Erica Roberts has always dreamed of seeing the stars. Volunteering as an Interstellar Bride is a win-win, not only will she be able to see the galaxy, but she’s more than ready to take on the two alien warriors she’s been promised. She’s all in. But when she transports directly into the aftermath of a battle, she quickly learns this won’t be an easy match. Her two commanders are torn between battling the Hive and battling their need for her.

If a new Hive weapon can destroy a Coalition battlegroup in the space of a single heartbeat, what will it do to Commander Karter’s match? And how is he and his second supposed to keep their mate safe if they can’t even save themselves?

What Others Thought:

“So damn hot, it’s sizzling! This book, this series, is awesome. I really can’t say enough great things about Author, Grace Goodwin.” ICU2QTPI (Amazon)

What I Thought:

Commander Karter finally gets his mate! Thank the gods, she’s someone who won’t take any of his BS but has the backbone to stand up and beside him no matter what may happen! Now, when can we expect to hear some more about the Rogues????

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