Rebel Alpha (Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire Book 5)

Dragon heiress and her bad boy wolf shifter get a second chance at romance. Is it too late?

There really was a Triumph Thruxton parked in the driveway, and the man who’d arrived on it was a vision straight out of her dreams. He was older. Wearier. Wiser — like her, no doubt. Handsome as ever, in that roguish way that kept most people at arm’s length. He was harder and tougher than when they’d first met, as if the invisible armor he wore had grown even thicker in the intervening years.

Had he pined for her the way she’d pined for him? Had he shed even a quarter of the tears she had? Or did he loathe her for what she’d been forced to do, the way she loathed herself at times?

Cal Zydler. Road rider. Wolf shifter.

Mate, her dragon cried.

“Cal,” she whispered in spite of herself.

His smoky gray eyes gave nothing away, and neither did his deep, unwavering voice.

“Cynthia,” he murmured in a tone so low, it might have been a whisper on the wind.

Anna Lowe. Rebel Alpha (Kindle Locations 156-163). Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

All dragon shifter Cynthia “Brown” wants is a safe place to raise her child and heal from bitter betrayal. When Cal — her first love, her only love, and her destined mate — unexpectedly appears on Maui, he stirs up all kinds of other desires too. But trouble — as usual — is hot on his heels.

Cal Zydler has spent a decade secretively protecting the only woman he’s ever loved. Cynthia may be hopelessly out of his league, but he’ll never, ever give up on her, no matter how forbidden their love is. In his dreams, he rides off into the sunset with his destined mate on the back of his vintage motorcycle. In real life… Well, not every wolf shifter gets a happy ending, especially not a guy from the wrong side of the tracks. And not when danger lurks everywhere — even on a sunny island paradise.

Evil shifter forces are gathering to attack the Hawaiian hideaway where Cynthia and her young son have taken refuge. It’s her darkest hour, and Cal is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. The future of all shifters stands on the brink, and even the Special Forces heroes of Koakea — dragons, lions, wolves, and bear shifters — will need help to beat the odds. Does Cal pose the ultimate danger, or is he Cynthia’s only hope?

What Others Thought:

  • “This is a story that you need to experience firsthand for yourself. I can tell you there will be epic battles, secrets revealed, friendships strengthened, families grown… and one couple will reunite as they always should have been, mates living finally in peace and love. I loved every moment in this world.” – Keeper Bookshelf Reviews
  • “So heartbreaking, but also so loving…a lovely conclusion to the series giving us a charming second chance romance with a little action, suspense, and lots of love.” – Angel’s Guilty Pleasures

What I Thought:

Fabulous end to this series! And yet, leads onward to more stories. Cynthia and Cal waited long enough for their second chance at love!

Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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