Coming in 2020!!🤗

Since I started posting on a more frequent basis, I have sought to establish a regular and engaging post style. This has led to a growth in the number of followers I have. Which is a good thing, but not enough. Browsing the internet has given me some great ideas to improve my blog.

So here are just a few things I plan to do:

  • Post review links on Twitter. Already established as @ReluctantRetir1
  • Establish a Facebook Page to post to. Look Here.
  • Create Instagram account

Now the posts I have already scheduled will look 👀 like the ones already posted. Starting in the New Year, I want to add more information to the post. For starters, I will be including the author’s bio and contact information. I hope to include links to all the places you can purchase the books.

Also, I intend to be much more visible on social media. Clearly, only posting once about a book is not the way to go. Now I do need to ask a favor of everyone. If you are on Twitter or Facebook, please follow me there as well. 🤗

Finally, I will be starting to include Kindle Worlds. PDA, Sassy Mates are just 2 of the ones I want to do.

Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

2 thoughts on “Coming in 2020!!🤗”

  1. I’ve been tweaking my blog this year too. Some of the newbie bloggers that I follow have over a thousand followers! I know that a more visible social media presence, together with a consistent level of interaction is needed to build a loyal following . I was really happy to have hit 300 blog followers last month.
    I’m on Instagram and have a Facebook page too but I use Twitter as my main social media platform – I’m now following you. 🙂


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