For the Love of Fire and Ice: Paranormal Dating Agency (Heads N’ Tails Series Book 2)

What would you do for love?

“Great catch,” the woman said walking up to her. “I’m Gerri Wilder.”

“You’re the one that hooked Braelynn up with Ronan. I thought I recognized you,” she said.

“That’s right. I could do the same for you, too,” Gerri offered.

Looking at Braelynn and Ronan, she watched as they shared a few kisses while dancing. Remembering the way Braelynn described flying with Ronan geared her into a decision. “I’ll take one like Ronan. Hell, I’ll take two,” she claimed with a smiled.

“Be careful what you wish for,” Gerri warned her.

“I wish for two sexy men to sweep me off my feet.” Of course, she didn’t really expect two men, but the thought of being with two had always turned her on.

Witherell, Roxanne. For the Love of Fire and Ice: Paranormal Dating Agency (Heads N’ Tails Series Book 2) . MTW Press. Kindle Edition.

Tony and Bryan, a bonded pair, have everything they could possibly want, except a woman to share it with. Owning a lavish multi-level club doesn’t make it any easier. Finding a woman that catches both their attentions has proven to be harder than they expected.

Annette wants to find the type of happiness her best friend has. Braelynn marrying a shifter opened Annette’s eyes to new possibilities. Agreeing to go on a date with a shifter, she was mind boggled to find not one but two men waiting for her.

Everything was going smoothly until a jealous ex came to claim Bryan for herself. Can Annette keep the men she’s grown so fond of?

About Roxanne Witherell

Currently living in South Carolina, Roxanne enjoys spending time with her family. Books are her escape from a house full of boys. When nerf wars are at a high she can escape into her own little corner to create an escape for others.

Starting off writing paranormal romance Roxanne has plans of dipping into other genres as well. Come and escape into the unknown.

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Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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