Dragon It’s Cold Outside: Clan of the Primordial Flame ~ 1: Paranormal Dating Agency

From the deepest desire, springs the deadliest hatred…
Out of the darkest cavern, emerges the most lethal fear…
The time has come. Time to do or die.

Faith in things unseen…
Hope in a myth only fools believe…
Destiny woven together by the tender hands of the Universe…

With her only chance at happiness, her very existence, teetering on the head of pin, Addilyn waits for her Mate, only one prayer on her lips…
“Please don’t go away. Please come for me and stay. Fate Won’t Be Denied. Dragon, it’s Cold Outside.”

“True,” Minka agreed before propping her hip against the counter and giving Addie what she called ‘Minka’s no bullshit look’. “It also didn’t hurt that you’re a Goddess whose mom controls Fire and dad wields Ice and Snow.”

And there it was. The crux of Addilyn’s problem and the reason she was in the frozen North. Her ‘gifts’ – as her parents liked to call them – were battling for supremacy inside her very soul with only one inevitable outcome – Addie was going to lose and take everyone with her unless she found her Mate or dug some fabled root out of the ice. It made no sense why it was happening. She couldn’t find a reason or a cause. There was no history of anything of the kind ever happening. Then again, Addie was one of a kind.

Mills, Julia . Dragon It’s Cold Outside: Clan of the Primordial Flame ~ 1: Paranormal Dating Agency . MT Worlds Press. Kindle Edition.

What I Thought

This was so different from all the others. Yes, you can read them as standalone stories, but you will lose so much background doing that. It is totally worth the effort to go back and start from the beginning. Things that are puzzling now will make sense doing that.

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Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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