Bite My Bengal: Paranormal Dating Agency (Heads N’ Tails Series Book 3)

How do you love once you’ve lost?

BJ Elwood, the oldest of a small group of friends, lost the love of her life five years ago. She’s content with being alone, but her friends scheme to set her up for happiness. What are the chances she can find love again? She isn’t a beauty, but maybe, just maybe, Gerri can find her a new love.

Dare Forrester has been alone since his wife died twenty years ago. He gave up finding love long ago. When he finds it again, will it be to only lose her in the same way? Could he survive another loss?


“You know I almost canceled our date tonight.” Dare took a bite of his cheesecake.

“Why would you do that?” Her heart dropped.

“So, I could come in here and ask you out in the morning.” He winked at her.

“Really?” Relief flooded over her.

“Yeah, I don’t use dating services or anything like that ever. Bryan and Tony insisted I give it a try. Then when Geri suggested I come here. I knew the moment I saw you I wanted to ask you out. I would have done it then but I had this blind date.”

“I hope your blind date didn’t turn out too bad.” She shoved a bite of cheesecake in her mouth to keep from saying something stupid. Instead, strawberry glaze dripped down her lip.

“I think it turned out great. Here, let me get that.” Dare stepped closer to her.

Witherell, Roxanne. Bite My Bengal: Paranormal Dating Agency (Heads N’ Tails Series Book 3) . MTW Press. Kindle Edition.

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