Dragon With the Girl Tattoo: Paranormal Dating Agency (Dragon Guard Book 21)

The Universe does make mistakes. Fate will be denied…or will it?

Once bitten, twice shy…

Lennox O’Lachtnáin, affectionately known as the Mad Bomber, would rather blow himself up than go on another blind date orchestrated by his well-meaning brethren. It was bad enough when they saw him crash and burn with the sexy doctor from Max’s Pride, but now they’ve all been witness to a string of failed first dates and botched meetings the likes of which no doubt have his ancestors turning in their proverbial graves. Fate was messing with him, BIG TIME, and he’d had enough.

The best laid plans…

One drunken night with his brethren to drown his sorrows and Lenn has a new tattoo, his head’s beating like a bass drum, and there’s a raven-haired beauty in his bed who makes his heart race and his dragon send smoke signals. There’s only one problem…she won’t wake up.

Cue the handcart to Hell…

Did Fate have to throw one more curve ball into his quest for a happily ever after? Well, of course She did. Did the Universe really have such a perverse sense of humor? Absolutely, no doubt. And who in the Heavens is this tiny platinum-haired woman who refuses to take no for an answer? Did she say something about a dating agency for paranormals? No way…time to get off the ride.

His one night stand has left him with more than new ink. Lenn has no doubt the sexy siren is his mate, the one created just for him, the other half of his soul…but there’s no way in Heaven or Hell he’s mating one of her kind. Nope, it’s just not happening. Alone is better than eternity with…with…that. There’s only one answer…blow something up and have another beer.

The Universe does make mistakes. Fate will be denied…or will it?

“Oh, I know. We all have them, but let’s not dwell on that.” Gerri patted Tessa’s knee again before getting up and returning to her chair. “So, what are you looking for in a man?”

Taking a deep breath, Tessa thought for a moment then answered, “I want a guy with a good sense of humor, who isn’t afraid to laugh at himself and me. He has to be ready to fly by the seat of his pants, content at home or out on the town. I love to explore and have fun. Life is to be lived, and I don’t want to miss a minute of it.” She took a breath then dove in with both feet. “I want fire and passion. I want to look at him and feel the excitement all the way to the tip of my toes. I want to hear his voice on the phone and count the seconds until he’s home and I’m in his arms. And also, tenderness and thoughtfulness. I want roses and candy. For him to remember my birthday, our anniversary, Valentine’s day, Sweetest Day, all of it.”

Mills, Julia. Dragon With the Girl Tattoo: Paranormal Dating Agency (Dragon Guard Book 21) . MTW Press. Kindle Edition.
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I have to admit, this one made me laugh to myself. The way these people met was something else. They almost seemed to trip over each other!

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