Dragon Her Home: Paranormal Dating Agency (Dragon Guard Series Book 37)

Cutoff from his Clan with his Dragon unresponsive, time was up. There was only one choice – go down fighting and take as many of the bastards with him as Dragonly possible.

Waiting for the Executioner to claim his life, he stood at the ready. Refusing to waver under the weight of his chains, time stood still…

A flash of scales, burning emerald in the darkness, a memory of pain and loss…then nothing. Freed from his bonds, the cage door open, Stone found himself completely and totally alone. No captors. No Executioner. No liberator. Absolutely no one.

Who had released him? Could it honestly have been…? No, it just wasn’t possible. The dead don’t come back just to unlock the door…do they?

Then who? And where had he or she gone? As a matter of fact, where were the Overlords? Where was the other Dragon he knew was being tortured? What the hell was going on?

The hunt is on. There’s no time to waste. Stone will move Heaven and Earth and more than a ton of snow to find the answers and save the only person who matters. Draggin’ her home may not be the answer, but standin’ by her side is what he’s meant to do.

“He’s gonna need you…” Gerri’s words still rung in her head. “Rough, tough, and bad-to-the-bone, with the inability to ask anyone for help even when the hot breath of Death is breathin’ down his neck. That’s your Mate, all wrapped up in a scaly, hard-to-crack, lovable-as-a-porcupine nutshell.”

“Wow, he sounds great,” she grumped sarcastically. “All that awesomeness and he’s a Dragon to boot.” Once again irritated at having her future mapped out for her, Annika watched wisps of her breath dance in the sub-zero breeze as she repeated aloud the exact argument, she’d given the renowned Matchmaker – who also happened to be her Godmother – in person less than a month ago.

“It’s not like I’m not a tad hardheaded myself.” Her chuckle was choppy, almost brittle in its delivery, just another sign that neither Vixen or woman liked being told what to do. “Some might even say too pragmatic for my own good,” she scoffed, mimicking Gerri’s tone and accent. “And now I find out that my true Fated Mate is from a race known for their high-handed arrogance and inability to compromise. It’s even been said that they are infamous for…” “Loyalty, faithfulness, devotion, and following their Mates into the very Pits of Hell if necessary, to keep the other half of their soul safe. They are the Universe’s Chosen Warriors for a reason. She does not make mistakes, my dear.”

Mills, Julia. Dragon Her Home: Paranormal Dating Agency (Dragon Guard Series Book 37) . MTW Press. Kindle Edition.

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