Wolf A Bye Baby

A passionate one-night-stand in a strange hotel room, a heat of the moment bite… and one missing mate.

When it comes to luck, Jade Fellows has never had any. After student loans and medical bills put her in a financial bind, she’s working two jobs in a desperate bid to keep her head above water. On a rare night out, she picks up a one-night-stand with a hunky shifter who goes wild for her curves. But what should only have been a little distraction turns out to be more than she could ever have bargained for.

It had taken a lot for wolf shifters Dylan and Carter to leave their Canadian pack behind and set up a new life for themselves, but they’re convinced that they’ll only be able to be truly happy is as a mated triad, something their pack just doesn’t understand. Unfortunately for them, that means not only finding the right woman, but the right woman for both of them. The biggest problem? Dylan thinks he’s found her… but he also seems to have lost her.

A passionate one-night-stand in a strange hotel room, a heat of the moment bite… and one missing mate. Desperate to find the mysterious woman who could be the key to happiness for both of them, Dylan and Carter turn to the Paranormal Dating Agency for help. If Gerri can find Jade and bring them all together, there’s a happily ever after waiting.

This was good! I really enjoyed reading this one. The fights between the guys were something I can actually see happening. The girl’s problems are ones we can all relate to. I hope Rebel writes some more with this group.

Rebel West sits in her dark corner thinking up delightfully naughty stories to titillate her readers. She has no filter and never wanted one. She likes things sexy, saucy, and raunchy. Her stories are meant for short quick enjoyment with no lingering aftertaste. 

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Twitter @rebelwestbooks

Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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