Alien Warrior’s Wife (Brion Brides Book 2)

Urenya has been conditioned to be the best version of herself. As a healer, she is held in high regard. As the closest friend of one of the most fearsome generals in the Brion armies, she has a delicate role to play. Not only must she be wise and with hands that can heal any harm, but she must also act as a moral compass when the bloodlust of great men around her drive them wild.
But where does that leave her desires? And what if she needs her own damn warrior to fight and bleed for her, instead of standing up for herself on her own all the time?

Narath knows one thing – any problem can be solved with a spear. And not just a spear, but a spear in his very capable hands. Battle has always been in his blood and he could have never imagined that it would not be enough… Until laying his eyes on the sexy, curvy healer of the Triumphant. After that, he wants nothing more to use a very different spear, but with the same intent – to solve a problem.

This is a second prequel to the Brion Brides series. This couple was interesting to read. They are so close to the first Brion General yet their story is well worth reading.

Vi’s a small-town girl with big city dreams. Born and raised in Texas, she’s always had her eyes to the stars. Telling stories is her passion and when she can mix a whole lot of steam with equal parts sexy alien hunks, well, things just get that much better, right?

An ardent Rangers fan, she believes all men should come in a yummy beefcake package and that’s exactly the kind of heroes she prefers. A curvy woman herself, Vi likes to write heroines as sassy as she is.

She likes indulging in a little wine and a little chocolate, but her first love int life is writing and everything else follows second.

If you have enjoyed her books or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact her via e-mail:

Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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