Alien General’s Fated (Brion Brides #5)

Will Aria learn to trust anyone but herself, and will Ryden come to know that there’s more to existing than conquest? You know you want to find out!

Aria Harris has been fighting for recognition all her life. A curvy, confident Earth woman, she’s made it to the upper echelons of her profession, working as an Ambassador for the Galactic Union itself! Well, Ambassador… on a trial period, anyway. Having to prove herself is nothing new for Aria and when she’s tasked to keep a Brion general on a leash during his trip to the seat of the union, it seems like another challenge to face. But she couldn’t have been prepared for the general… Not only may she have met her match, but the man might very well be the most compelling, infuriating, sexy and despicable being she’s ever laid her eyes on. Shame she can’t look away, then. And that she has to make sure he won’t blow up the entire seat of the Union before the day’s through!

Ryden won his spot through sweat and blood and as far as he’s concerned, that’s the only way to live. Existing in a brutal reality of combat and conquest, the newest Brion general to join the ranks has no time or patience for weak politicians, petty tasks or wasting his time. Being sent to babysit the Galactic Union from a force they’re clearly not equipped to deal with feels like all three at the same time. Despite looming threat and ever-lingering death, Ryden can’t help but keep noticing the feisty woman who seems to fight him on every step. So is it so wrong to want to conquer her too, then, even if fate seems to not be co-operating at all?

Not only is Ryden in jeopardy of losing the Union to a for far more treacherous than anticipated, but he might be losing his heart to the fiery-eyed little Terran too. What’s a man to do but make sure then that he’s the last man standing, and that Aria would be right there by his side. The fact that the universe doesn’t seem to quite agree with his plan is of little consequence. No one can stop this general, no one but her…

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Nothing quite like battling your way to the rank of General only to be summoned before the Senate. Then to be sent to defend the headquarters of the Galactic Union. Ryden is some what justified in my mind for being a little angry about it. Aria has been trying to get through to her boss for a long while. Mixing these two is fabulous!

Vi’s a small-town girl with big city dreams. Born and raised in Texas, she’s always had her eyes to the stars. Telling stories is her passion and when she can mix a whole lot of steam with equal parts sexy alien hunks, well, things just get that much better, right?

An ardent Rangers fan, she believes all men should come in a yummy beefcake package and that’s exactly the kind of heroes she prefers. A curvy woman herself, Vi likes to write heroines as sassy as she is.

She likes indulging in a little wine and a little chocolate, but her first love int life is writing and everything else follows second.

If you have enjoyed her books or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact her via e-mail:

Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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