Reverse Harems and Shared Worlds

As the song goes: “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!”

Thanks to the wonderful ARCs that I read, I was introduced to Reverse Harems (RH) awhile ago. I currently have reviewed 2 different series by Heather Long that fall into this category. They are “Heart of the Nebula” and “Untouchable”.

Now Shared Worlds are something that I first came across many years ago with the “Thieves World” series. In that series, each book contained several short stories. An author could borrow the characters from a different author, but couldn’t kill them off. It made for some very interesting stories.

Again thanks to Ms. Long, I found a few new series that combined both Reverse Harems with a Shared World. I’ve come across 2 different series that deal either with a Reform School, “Wicked Reform School” or a Prison, “Paranormal Prison”. They are just beginning so I have to wait patiently for the next ones!

Wicked Reform School is a juvenile detention school. Each type of paranormal being has their own dormitory called a “House.” An adult is named as “Head of House” and has rule over the students there. Students attend standard classes in the morning, and specialized classes in the afternoons. Being late to class could get you sent to the detention center, not a good thing! The motto of this ‘School’ is “Reform or Die” and they mean that literally! Once a year each House has what is called a “Culling.” Surviving that does not automatically mean you leave the school. The best I can tell you is “Stick around, this is about to get interesting!”

There are actually several different series using the term “Paranormal Prison.” The one I’m reading features Reverse Harems. The prison is called Nightmare Penitenary and with good reason I might add! You’re sentenced to the prison and it might be for a month, it might be for life. Prisoners are segregated according to the severity of their sentence just like in real life. Dying in here is a distinct possibility!

As the song reads: "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!"

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