Wolf Bite (Wolves of Willow Bend #1)

She is left with two options—she can tell the only wolf she’s ever loved that she’s carrying their child…or she can protect him, keep the baby a secret, and run.

Packs are led by an Alpha. Wolves not willing to submit to the Alpha are either encouraged or forced to go “Lone Wolf.” A fair number of rules govern the Lone Wolves. Lone wolves are not allowed to associate with other wolves. For the safety of all, there are Enforcers who patrol the unclaimed territories. Enforcers are Lone Wolves who protect the packs and police the other Lone Wolves.

So now that I’ve set things up, this story is about Mason and Alexis. Mason is a Lone Wolve who left Willow Bend after his father was killed in a challenge with Toman, the Alpha. Alexis is the human daughter of Ryan, the pack attourney and Tiffany, his wife a Turned Wolf. Mason is currently living and working in Texas, an unclaimed territory.

One day while headed to work, Mason hears a woman’s cry of distress. Something in the sound calls to him, calls to his wolf. Running to her aid, he discovered none other than Alexis, the girl he has loved since they were young. After knocking the mugger out cold, he escorts her back to her apartment and begins to question her. She’s left the pack’s territory and is living and working in the area. One thing leads to another, and they end up exactly where we all think they should be!

Not long after this, Alexis is showing signs of being ill and oddly more dominant than she ever was. A few days and several phone conversations with her father later, Alexis heads back to Willow Bend. About this same time, Mason heads out to the land and the trailer that he has purchased in Texas. Arriving home, he discovers Ryan waiting for him. A meeting of both the mind and a few other body parts ensues. The final outcome is that Ryan will take steps on his end, while Mason prepares to return to Willow Bend and the challenge that has been waiting for him all this time.

The scent. The voice. Both were familiar, but neither mattered as much as the suggestion of hurt lingering beneath the sound. Pivoting, he stopped pretending not to notice the world around him and followed the scent. One moment walking, the next running, he easily dodged passersby. The sound and scent grew and he raced into a damp alley. The strong stink of refuse made him sneeze and one street over, he saw her.

Long, Heather. Wolf Bite: Wolves of Willow Bend (p. 1). Heather Long. Kindle Edition.

Ok, so this is not one of the series that I mentioned. However, this is one of my “Go To” series. This is the first book of the series, and introduces Mason and Alexis. Yeah, there are those who complain “same old, same old” storyline but we need to look deeper at it.

There’s a lot of background information being provided as well. Not just on the two main characters, but also on the world they live in. The North American continent has been split between 5 large packs, with a fair amount of unclaimed territory surrounding them as a buffer. The different packs take on the atmosphere of their surrounding states. Willow Bend feels like a typical Midwestern community.

Also part of the Rise of the Alpha: Wolves of Willow Bend Books 1-3 Collection

Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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