Revenge: House of Nephilim

It’s time to kill the last of the Lords of Havoc.

Even if I still love them.

I was just a girl when my twin brother and I were recruited by the Lords of Havoc. 

The Lords of Havoc: rogue half-angels who believe humanity is a failed experiment, that humans need angels to govern them. 

And three of those Lords were my first loves: The sensitive artist who could steal anything. The dangerous grouch with a soft spot for me. The boy who dreamed of a better world for humans and angels alike. 

Then the Lords murdered my twin brother and left me for dead.

I’m still a wanted criminal. But I’ve evaded capture for a long time., and I’ve killed every one of the Lords who ripped my brother away from me. 

All except three: the artist, the grouch, the dreaming boy. 

They’ve been safe from me, locked away at the Wicked Reform School.

But they won’t be safe much longer.

It’s time for me to let the world put me in handcuffs.

It’s time to kill the last of the Lords of Havoc. 

Even if I still love them.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Enjoyable take on angels. This entire series has been a wonderful experience. This group took a while to come together but it was an interesting situation. I’d like to see more of them.

This book was absolutely fabulous! I loved everything about it and had a hard time putting it down. The storyline was engaging and well-written and the pages were packed with action, adventure, mystery, suspense, danger, tons of emotions, great characters, wonderful character development, and romance. It was not lacking in any regard, it had everything needed to be swept away into an amazing adventure. Denise H. Reviewed in the United States on June 6, 2020

The only thing more dangerous than a half-angel gone rogue is a woman betrayed…  And Eden Greyson is both.

Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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