She Thinks My Dragon’s Sexy: (Dragon Guard Book 35)

Fate Will Not be Denied, but if you happen to be a Gambler, the safe bets always on a Dragon and his Mate.

Coming back to West Texas for Elle Burntwing was a mixed bag of tricks. Sure, it was hotter than hell and drier than a popcorn fart, but it was home. Not just a place on the map, but in her heart where it really mattered. Burntwing was a mixed bag of tricks. Sure, it was where she’d grown up, where she’d had her first beer, her first kiss, ridden her first horse, and raised all kinds of hell…but it was also where her family had tragically and with no explanation been taken from her.

Stepping back on the sandy soil of home, the plan was simple (1) get her client outta hot water, (2) find the person responsible for her family’s murder, and keep herself from falling in love with a Dragon. No worries, right?

Family meant everything. It was all he’d ever known, and as the oldest son of an oldest son and a Guardsman, Gage took his job as Protector very seriously, even though his four younger brothers knew every one of his buttons to push and laughed as they did it.

Seeing her walking into the Courthouse changed everything. With her in his arms, he saw forever. All he had to do was slay a centuries old flying menace and convince the One the Universe made for him that he wasn’t an arrogant, know-it-all Dragon, but instead, her One and Only Mate. Piece of cake, right?

With more on the line than his love life and the scales covering his backside, Gage MacAllen is about to learn the true meaning of ‘Destiny will always find a way’.

Can he thaw out in time to join the battle?

Will she save the day without him?

Will the Fanatical Feathered Freak finally be brought to justice?

And…who in all that’s holy is the Dragon trapped in the ice?

Only the Great Creator and the Universe know the answers, and as usual, neither one is talking. So, Take a load off, Grab a cold one, and Get ready for one Helluva story.

Great addition. I love how no mythology is safe from this writer. She manages to intermingle them in new and different ways. The characters are well written and very enjoyable. This couple are enjoyable and very open to the working of Fate and the Universe.

The low appreciative growl of his Wolf joined the deep rumble of his Dragon as the soft caress of feathers stroked his cheeks. Looking up as the truck came to a stop and the rumble of the engine faded away, Gage’s eyes landed on the back of what he could only imagine was a beautiful woman. The swing of her long raven-haired ponytail was hypnotic and moved in perfect time to the mesmerizing sway of her hips. Her confidence and strength surrounded her like an impenetrable shield and the set of her shoulders assured him that she took no shit from anyone.

Shifting the leather shoulder strap of her briefcase, the swooping neckline of the back of her light cream-colored blouse moved to the side uncovering a perfectly drawn wing covered in feathers of blue, purple and gold. Images of the Rain Bird flashed in Gage’s mind. His dragon roared and his Wolf howled as one word flashed in his mind, Mate

Dragon Guard by Julia Mills
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