To Be Read – Bridgewater Series by Vanessa Vale

Bridgewater Ménage Series

I was looking for something different to read over the weekend. In looking through the books that I’ve stashed in my Goodreads To Be Read shelf, I came across this series. It started me thinking.

This series is set in the Old West. The men are almost all from the same military unit that was stationed overseas in a small country, location not specified. This country had a unique model for their family units. Each woman was paired with 2 men to care for her and their children. The idea was that this would ensure that in the case of a death, the family still had one man to provide for them.

Roll things forward to Contemporary times

Bridgewater County series

Families in this county are still based on 2 men loving 1 woman. Naturally, the logistics of doing this has changed. Still, it takes two men to care for one woman.

Now I see where some of my favorite authors are planning stories in this world. Don’t know yet if they will be in the Old West or contemporary time, but it should be great reading!

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