A Mate for the Senator (Brion Brides Book 9)

Fate stopped smiling on her a long time ago. So is a mate now a blessing or a curse?

Eleya has done more with her life than most Brions will. Not only a General, but a High Senator, she’s achieved everything but the love that every Brion seeks. When a twist of fate brings her face to face with her second mate, can she move on from the pain the first one caused, or is he just another challenge to be dealt with?

Xaven as a more than capable Brion Captain wants many things, but being a General is not one of them. However a mate that is one… well, a man can have no objections to that, now can he? Only when it becomes clear that their paths are too divergent to come together must the warrior reconsider his faith in fate. Perhaps some things are not meant to be.

Or maybe they need to be fought for harder than he ever expected?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Fabulous! Great addition to the Brion brides. This pair were truly inspired. I can’t wait for the next installment. More about the Paladins would be appreciated!

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Blindly Indicted (Paranormal Prison)

I lived my life as a prisoner.

I’ve always been told stories about the real world, but I haven’t seen it for myself. All I have ever known is pain.

And darkness.

They tell me I have been blind since birth.

When I make my escape, I think freedom is finally within my grasp…

Until I’m captured by the paranormal police for a murder I didn’t commit. Apparently, I have powers—powers I have always suspected myself of having.

Normal people can’t see through other people’s eyes, right?

Thrust into Nightmare Penitentiary, I meet a group of hard, alpha, psychotic inmates who believe I’m the answer to all their prayers. Me? I’m just trying to survive and figure out what it means to live. My new home isn’t just a prison, but a labyrinth with horrors around every corner.

But what if the cost of my life is my freedom? Am I willing to trade one cage for another?

Welcome to Nightmare Penitentiary where you come in handcuffs and leave in a body bag.

The Sunday Post #1

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

What’s been going on?

This week started off with a carry-over from last week. On last Thursday, my husband Craig checked in to the hospital for what was intended to be a 4 hour out patient surgery to repair a torn meniscus. It turned into a great deal more than that!

I started this post earlier and wrote down all the many things that we went through before I finally got him home again. Unfortunately, that got lost between the computer and the tablet! So we’ll just take the shortcut this time.

Before all was said and done, Craig was put on oxygen therapy, discovered he had A-fib and dealt with a bit of pneumonia! Talk about a mess!

On the Brighter side of things:

If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a few months, you know that we recently mourned the passing of our beloved pet. We weren’t sure we needed another dog, but it turned out we needed one. See, Odie was Craig’s Emotional Support Animal and did a great deal to keep his blood pressure down. So we needed another dog that could do the same thing for him.

A neighbor of ours had a small Shih Tzu/Pekinese mix dog that was about 5 years old that he had offered us. We contacted him on Thursday and brought Coco home with us!


She is just the sweetest little girl. We need to take care of a few problems (Fleas and matts) and get her shots for this year. But she is just what we needed!

We discovered that she had been being hand fed, so that is what we are doing. While I’m typing this, she is moving from one chair under the table to another! Expect more cute pictures as we go forward.

Southern Smothered Pork Chops in Brown Gravy

This is a recipe that came from Allrecipes.com Now, I have made them and they are delicious. They are easy to make without a ton of calories!

Southern comfort food at its easiest. Pork chops smothered in onion, garlic, baby bella mushrooms, and a brown gravy sauce. Tastes great as gravy on mashed potatoes too!


The recipe makes 4 servings but you should be able to easily adjust it to serve your family! Enjoy!

Southern Smothered Pork Chops in Brown Gravy

Stone Cold Protector: Federal Paranormal Unit (Dragon Guard Series Book 38)

Take cover! The fuse is lit! Prepare to have everything you ever thought you knew blown to bits!

Blowing things up since before he could walk, Oz, Oscar Tomas to his momma and only his momma, could make bombs out of anything and everything ~ lady’s knickers, a torn shoestring, even dried-out, old cow patties. There was nothing he couldn’t make go boom, nothing he couldn’t bend to his will. 

Then came London.

Intelligent, quick-witted, and strong-willed with more curves than a country back road, Oz was defenseless in the face of the fiery attraction he felt for this redheaded bombshell. Busting through his iron-clad defenses like a landmine, for the first time, the Guardsman known as ‘Stone Cold’ struggled to find his balance. 

So, he opened his mouth and stuck both feet along with half his ass in as far as they would go.

Now, the tables are turned, and her father’s been abducted. The choice is clear. Swallow his pride and help the one woman in all the world created just for him. But will she forgive his arrogance? Can she ever understand his need to protect? Overlook his less than politically correct way of getting his point across? Be his partner when he turned her away without so much as a backward glance?

The Universe doesn’t make mistakes and Fate Will Not Be Denied, but then again, neither has ever dealt with a couple as unpredictable as Oz and his Bobcat

O.M.G! This was so enjoyable! I definitely want to track down the FPU stories now. This meshed so well with the Dragon Guard. I can’t wait to read the next book.

Dragon Guard by Julia Mills
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Caged Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #2)

Little does he know that Mason has taken over the pack and has much different plans in store for him and Viviane.

It’s been 6 long years since AJ Buckley walked free. A weekend in the city with his triplet brothers that was supposed to be a chance to sow some wild oats had turned deadly. The desperate cry of a woman had drawn them into an alley where a bloody scene greeted them. A small female was swinging a makeshift weapon at her attacker.

Rage gripped AJ as he tore the man’s body apart. His brothers aided him in the work. Turning to the woman, he commanded her to say nothing. Arrested by the police, he was tried for murder. Convicted, he was sentenced to 25 years to life. His Alpha, Toman, ordered his brothers home. The Alpha repudiated him and forbade his family to contact him.

After spending a year in jail for contempt, Vivian has dedicated herself to getting him freed. She hadn’t wanted to refuse to testify on AJ’s behalf, but his command kept her silent. During the last 5 years, she began to doubt her own sanity. More than once, she’d awaken to find herself in strange surroundings. She’d even gone so far as to attempt suicide. Thankfully she’d reached out to her court appointed psychologist for help. Now, at last her struggle to free AJ seemed to be working.

AJ has been freed on a technicality from prison. He thinks that his old Alpha, Toman, is planning to kill him on his return to Willow Bend. Little does he know that Mason has taken over the pack and has much different plans in store for him and Viviane.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I adored this book. I am having so much fun reading about the wolves of Willow Bend. The difficulty faced by AJ after having been unjustly imprisoned is handled well in this book. While you don’t have to read them in order, it does help!

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Wraith Captive: A Reverse Harem Romance (Paranormal Prison Book 5)

Death calls to me, and unfortunately for me, I’m his b*tch…

Being the daughter of a wraith means that death is in my veins. It also means that just because I happen to be found around a lot of dead bodies doesn’t mean I’m a serial killer.

But try to get the jackass Supernatural Enforcers to believe that.

The thing is, I can’t tell them what I am, because according to the paranormal world I’m an “abomination” that would need to be killed. So, I have no good excuse for all the crime scene appearances.

Which leads me to Nightmare Penitentiary, my lovely new home. A place with a lot of dangerous enemies, secrets, and three hot-as-sin prisoners who seem to want to do all kinds of dirty things to me.

Doesn’t sound bad does it? Enemies and secrets I’d take, as long as I got my yummy men.

If only prisoners weren’t being murdered, we might be able to find our own slice of paradise in hell itself. But with time working against us, we need to find a way to escape.

Or else the next prisoners being murdered might just be us.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Never thought about half breeds being treated so different. Nice array of paranormal beings. The characters are well written, with interesting lives. The ending did catch me off guard so I’m dying for the next one!

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Alien Warrior’s Challenge (Brion Brides Book 8)

A warrior never questions when his fated’s life is in danger…

Kerven has served his duty proudly. General Braen has offered him a command and the experienced warrior is ready to tackle it without question. The only thing that could make him falter in his actions is… well, what if the right woman is at the wrong place at the right time? Isn’t that enough to make a warrior question his duty?

Paula Allen has been sent to Jumel, and there she will remain. At least until her mission is done and the cure for a deadly virus is attained. The trouble with that? Oh, just a war with an alien race that won’t back down, blocking access to the cure. 

And the Brion warrior who has decided that she’s the one isn’t helping either. Now, if he wasn’t so damnably hot and convincing, maybe focusing on the fate of the universe could be easier…

Oh yeah! I have loved every one of this series. Now, I’m not begging, but you did mention that there was 15 Brion generals. Looking forward to reading more!