Brazen and Breathless (Untouchable Book 6)

It’s a new year.

It’s a new me.

Or maybe I should say a new us.

We’re out there. We’re not hiding the fact that I’m dating all of them. PDAs are back on the table. The final semester of high school kicks off with a bang. I have to keep my eye on the prize though—make every AP class count, keep my grades up, and find a way to balance life with my guys. My best friends. My boyfriends. My lovers.

The battle with Maddy is still on the table. So is figuring out our future. It’s one thing to say we’re sticking together, now we have to make it happen. 

I never thought it would be easy. 

Apparently, we don’t do easy. 

But am I ready for this?

All I know is I’m not giving them up without a fight. 
Ninety some odd days to go, and we graduate. 

We can do it, right?

Sign me up for #TeamMadAtHeather!! I can’t believe you did that. Everything was going along great, the group was communicating great, they were starting to share more with their families and then you ended like you did! I guess we should have all seen it coming, but we didn’t. Please tell me the next installment will be out soon!

Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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