The Sunday Post #3

This week is finally in the book. I was really getting tired of all the politics! It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

So I’ve started getting posts ready for both Delta James and Vanessa Vale. They both have more than one series written that are related to others. It makes for more interesting reading.

Delta James is the author of the “Wayward Mates” series which is followed by a number of dark romance books. I’m talking about the Warlord, Overlord, etc. The first series is set in modern times. The others are set in a future where society has suffered a collapse and has lost most of the technology.

Vanessa Vale is the author of the Bridgewater series. First up is the “Bridgewater Ménage” series that is set in the Old West. “Bridgewater County” is set in more modern times but still with old fashioned values of two men caring for one woman. The newest series is “Bridgewater Brides” which is written by several different authors, including Delta James.

Weekly Cup of Coco!

Coco was by the veterinarian’s this week.. Thankfully she is not as anemic so the doctor was able to give her the Rabies vaccine. We have another appointment next month.

We’ve noticed that Coco doesn’t like to sit on laps. Instead she either lays on the chair beside you or on the arms! Luckily she’s small enough to fit.

I want to once again encourage you to check out the Amazon Smile program. I’m willing to bet that there is a charity or nonprofit organization listed there that you can support. The donation doesn’t cost you anything but could make a difference for someone else. I just checked and as of September 2020, over $215 million dollars has been donated to all of the charities. This is since Amazon began the program in October 2013.

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