Claiming His Mate (Wayward Mates Book 0.5)

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What Nick wanted was an obedient mate…what he got was Bianca.

Bianca is the sister to an ineffectual alpha of a small pack. Shifter-born, beautiful, and sister to a pack leader, she should be amongst the most desirable of mates. But once a wolf discovers that her dangerous curves hide a truly nasty temperament, they literally run for the hills.

Desperate to find his sister a mate, her brother appeals to the Calon Onest pack to take her in. Bianca is delivered to the estate sitting on her very first sore bottom. Bianca is confronted with Nick’s dominant side within minutes of meeting him. Nick quickly recognizes her as his fated mate, much to his chagrin.

Nick loses no time in putting Bianca face down over his knee nor marking her as his own.
He may have claimed her body, but can he claim her heart as well?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I can see why Bianca was such a handful! There may be more behind her behavior than was described here, but from what I can see, she is spoiled beyond belief! However, I have to admit, I’d react to a man telling me I had obey him in much the same way as she did. This is a wonderful prequel to the Wayward Mates series. The writing is great, the characters well-written with believable flaws and failings.

Bianca is the sister to an ineffectual alpha of a small pack that nobody can deal with her. Her brother is trying to find her a mate and nobody can handle her. He finally appeals to Colon Onest pack to take her in. She is delivered with a sore bottom. Bianca gets there and is confronted with Nick’s dominant side within minutes of meeting him. He realized that she is his fated mates. He takes her to his room and puts her over his legs to prove he won’t put up with her disrespect. She is completely confused with her reaction to him


Nick and Bianca’s story sets the stage for the exciting deliciousness that is to come in this series. As each strong male finds his mate, the reader is ensconced in the patriarch society of wolf shifters, falling in love with the romantic yet dominant methods that their equally strong willed mates need to know they have met their match. Nick may be Beta but he is second to no one. Fabulous sizzling read.

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