Dragon Guard: Enforcers Arise

Tricked, betrayed and locked away for a hundred years, the Enforcers are unlike any other Guardsmen. Led by the Assassin, they went where others feared to tread and defeated the worst Hell had to offer. Even when lost and alone, they refused to give up. Called by the voices of their Mates, unearthed by Fate, this elite fighting force is back with a vengeance. Heaven help the bad guys, the ENFORCERS HAVE RISEN!

Fate of Her Dragon

Trapped for almost a century. No chance of escape. All hope was lost and then he felt her.
Sleepless nights, a man haunts her at every turn, his voice calling to her, begging her, needing only her.
Not even the Universe has the answers and time is running out…
The Fate of her Dragon may be the death of them all!

Tears For Her Dragon

 Lovers from different worlds, fighting a common enemy, thrown together by the
Reaper himself, helpless but to do as he bids.
Can these two souls find peace when the Devil himself is demanding his due?


 When the past meets the future in the present sparks will fly, but when Pippa meets Fury it’s nothing short of explosive.
The Universe has Spoken. Fate Will Not Be Denied. And…No one escapes the Fury of Her Dragon.

Dragon In the Mist

Seconds to decide between life and death. Three simple words that changed his entire existence -“Please help me,” she cried.
Now, it’s out of the mist and into the fire.

Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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