The Sunday Post #4

It’s definitely been interesting this week! Besides wanting to start the Wayward Mates and the Bridgewater Ménage, I also came across a couple of other Paranormal Dating Agency books to include. One book actually reaches back to a story at the beginning of the series. Those will be coming soon.

I was also reminded of a few other books that I have read, but never reviewed. Those will give me several different series to do.

Then, of course, there are the cookbooks that I have started reviewing on NetGalley. Now that it’s only my husband and myself, I find that I really enjoy cooking again. So watch for those to be posted.

Weekly Cup of Coco!

I have been trying to teach Coco to Sit on command. So far, she will sit on command if you have a treat in your hand. Then the other day she popped up into this pose that was just too cute to ignore.

We walked right by this fine fellow returning from our walk today.

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Living in FL and enjoying life.

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