The Sunday Post #6

What are you thankful for?

This week was Thanksgiving here in the US. With the pandemic still going strong in so many parts of the world, most family celebrations looked a lot different from just a year ago. At least, I hope they did!

The large family gatherings for many people took place virtually. Others still gathered, but weather in their area permitting, moved outdoors. For some, they made the decision to take that risk and still gather together, but make sure to all wear their masks.

However you celebrated this year, I hope you remembered to give thanks for your blessings. If you’re reading this post, then give thanks that you are alive, you have internet access, and that you have the education that allows you to read.

If you had family gathered around you on Thursday, give thanks for each and everyone of them. Traveling today is still a risk and the last thing anyone wants is for their family to get sick because of them.

As I write this, I’m cleaning up the house after last night’s dinner with friends. It was only the four of us, but we still made a mess! Even so, I’m thankful that I can do things like this.

So, please take a minute and give thanks for everything you have.

Coming to the Blog

You may have noticed that some of the new posts have a featured image showing the book cover in a living room setting. I created those using Bryce, a software package that creates computer generated images. As things progress, I hope to use that more.

Also, I hope to include more cookbooks among my reviews. Some that I’m reviewing for Netgalley, others are from my own shelf. I hope you enjoy them!

Weekly Cup of Coco!

This little girl is one of the many things I’m thankful for. She came into our lives at a time when we really needed a little help. We hadn’t realized just how much Odie helped my husband’s health until he was gone. My husband’s blood pressure started rising until his doctor finally informed him that if we didn’t get another Emotional Support Animal (ESA), he would need to go on medicine that Craig really wasn’t going to like. Now, with Coco here, that isn’t a problem.

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