Their Captivated Bride (Bridgewater Menage Series Book 4)

“When it was three against one, I was always going to be overwhelmed.”

The Bridgewater way of two men marrying one woman is uncommon in the Montana territory. But three men marrying one woman? That is unheard of, especially for beautiful Olivia Weston. Her fate, it seems, will have her married to one man – a man she doesn’t love.

But when her betrothed treats her in a cruel manner, she rejects him and not long afterwards catches the eye of three handsome and virile ranchers. Cross, Rhys and Simon are as different as three men can be. But they have one thing in common; they are determined to offer Olivia the protection of marriage and the promise of endless carnal pleasures.

Olivia worries that her instant attraction and hasty agreement to marry three men stems from a defect in her character. What kind of woman not just love three men, but make the most intimate parts of herself available to their lustful attention? The chemistry between them is like lightning. Can she deny it? Or will Olivia submit to become the most sated Bridgewater wife in this ongoing ménage series?

Jay Lane
4.0 out of 5 stars Glaring Oversights
Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2020Verified Purchase
THEIR CAPTIVATED BRIDE (Bridgewater Mènage Series Book 4)
Vanessa Vale
Olivia is pressured by the vile Peters who wants to marry her for her future inheritance. She rebuffs him. She meets Rhys and Scott at a dance. Lightening! Just as her uncle had promised. But for BOTH? That night a burning bottle of whiskey is thrown into the house she shares with her uncle. Rhys and Cross bring a third friend when they come to help. Her uncle agrees she must leave, for protection from Peters, and when he hears they are from Bridgewater, he gladly grants his niece's hand to Simon full knowing it will be a Bridgewater marriage. Olivia is speechless. Editor a "blissfully" should be a "blessedly" short ceremony. And "clamored" up the stairs, should be "clambered." "Supply" should be "supple." "greasy" should be "queasy." Despite these glaring oversights, I enjoyed caring about our four likeable lovers.

Jill Bourne's Line
5.0 out of 5 stars Menage is Hot
Reviewed in the United States on May 4, 2016Verified Purchase
Who knew three guys could satisfy one woman. Olivia has been told she will feel lightning when she meets the guy who is suppose to be hers. No one told her it couldn't happen more then once. She first meets Cross and Rhys at a dance and feels an Instant connection to them both. Her uncle who has raised her shares a secret with her. She meets the third lightning bolt later that night Simon. These books are Hot and way too short.

Becky Newberry
5.0 out of 5 stars Menage times 3
Reviewed in the United States on January 4, 2019
This is the best one so far in the series. While they have all been good, I really liked this one. The storyline is great and very interesting to read. A man who has been showing Olivia attention has also shown her his violent side, she immediately rejects him and tells him so which, of course angers him even more. Fearing for her safely, her guardian uncle, arranges for her to marry an acquaintance from Bridgewater knowing she will be married to 3 men. Loved this story.

NOTE: I will mention that the editing could have been better. At one point the introduced a character named "Belinda" and several paragraphs later it became "Melinda" and then finally switched back to the original "Belinda". While this did not figure into my rating of 5 stars, it was and is very annoying when it happens. It needs to be fixed. I notice several other complained about this a few years and ago and yet it has not been corrected over 3 years later.
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