The Tiger’s Innocent Bride: Howls Romance (Sylvan City Alphas Book 1)

When he saw his mate for the first time, her life was in danger. Keeping his Tiger a secret was no longer an option. 

Every day was a struggle for Tiger Shifter, Devlin Kerr. Booted from one Police Department due to his ‘questionable attitude,’ he’d landed in Sylvan City determined to give the career another go. What was an Alpha to do?

Three weeks of even more bull and inside politics was already souring him on law enforcement all together when his Captain suckers him into working extra security at a society event.
A society event that ends in gunfire and blood.
And smack dab in the middle of the crosshairs? His mate.
Secrets be damned, Devlin did what it took to save her and suddenly danger is coming at them from everywhere.

Death, he could handle. Mayhem? Sure, just another walk in the park.
People going after his mate? That wasn’t going to fly. He was going to do whatever it took to keep her safe from danger…

…but who was going to keep Paige Lundin safe from him? Less than a day after they’d met, she was The Tiger’s Innocent Bride.

The Storyline was great and all the characters were wonderful the only thing was either when downloading from Amazon or something it felt as if big parts of the story was missing.

Otherwise I love Reina Torres books( already read her Susan Stoked spin offs) this is the first one that I have read from her others that has missing parts of pages.

Hope to read more of this series.

Anna Katharine Koehler

I love the start of a new series. It laid a lot of the ground rules of the series. It has a lot of action that you need to be prepared for.

Denise Taylor

Their Kidnapped Bride (Bridgewater Series Book 2)

Emma James felt secure in her life. Money, social standing and the protection of her step-brother. Or so she thought. When she discovers his dark secrets, he turns on her and sells her to a western brothel to keep her quiet. There, she’s forced to work or participate in an auction…and she’s the prize.

One look at Emma James and Whitmore Kane and Ian Stewart know she would belong to them. Marriage was the only way to truly claim her…so they bid and bid well. As their bride, they return to the Bridgewater Ranch and teach her the ways to please not one husband, but two. But danger has tracked Ian around the world and threatens their newfound relationship. Together, can they fight the demons of the past while forging a future?

Loved this book and the characters in this book. Would recommend it to everyone who loves a steamy romance! All the stories had a lot of heat and I loved the last few as they lead to a great romance series.
Kindle Customer Linda

Another great addition to the Bridgewater series. It was nice to Ann and her men as I had felt that their story was too short. Can’t wait to read the next one.   


Crystal S.

The Sunday Post #4

It’s definitely been interesting this week! Besides wanting to start the Wayward Mates and the Bridgewater Ménage, I also came across a couple of other Paranormal Dating Agency books to include. One book actually reaches back to a story at the beginning of the series. Those will be coming soon.

I was also reminded of a few other books that I have read, but never reviewed. Those will give me several different series to do.

Then, of course, there are the cookbooks that I have started reviewing on NetGalley. Now that it’s only my husband and myself, I find that I really enjoy cooking again. So watch for those to be posted.

Weekly Cup of Coco!

I have been trying to teach Coco to Sit on command. So far, she will sit on command if you have a treat in your hand. Then the other day she popped up into this pose that was just too cute to ignore.

We walked right by this fine fellow returning from our walk today.

Claiming His Mate (Wayward Mates Book 0.5)

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What Nick wanted was an obedient mate…what he got was Bianca.

Bianca is the sister to an ineffectual alpha of a small pack. Shifter-born, beautiful, and sister to a pack leader, she should be amongst the most desirable of mates. But once a wolf discovers that her dangerous curves hide a truly nasty temperament, they literally run for the hills.

Desperate to find his sister a mate, her brother appeals to the Calon Onest pack to take her in. Bianca is delivered to the estate sitting on her very first sore bottom. Bianca is confronted with Nick’s dominant side within minutes of meeting him. Nick quickly recognizes her as his fated mate, much to his chagrin.

Nick loses no time in putting Bianca face down over his knee nor marking her as his own.
He may have claimed her body, but can he claim her heart as well?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I can see why Bianca was such a handful! There may be more behind her behavior than was described here, but from what I can see, she is spoiled beyond belief! However, I have to admit, I’d react to a man telling me I had obey him in much the same way as she did. This is a wonderful prequel to the Wayward Mates series. The writing is great, the characters well-written with believable flaws and failings.

Bianca is the sister to an ineffectual alpha of a small pack that nobody can deal with her. Her brother is trying to find her a mate and nobody can handle her. He finally appeals to Colon Onest pack to take her in. She is delivered with a sore bottom. Bianca gets there and is confronted with Nick’s dominant side within minutes of meeting him. He realized that she is his fated mates. He takes her to his room and puts her over his legs to prove he won’t put up with her disrespect. She is completely confused with her reaction to him


Nick and Bianca’s story sets the stage for the exciting deliciousness that is to come in this series. As each strong male finds his mate, the reader is ensconced in the patriarch society of wolf shifters, falling in love with the romantic yet dominant methods that their equally strong willed mates need to know they have met their match. Nick may be Beta but he is second to no one. Fabulous sizzling read.

Sue T.

Cushioning Your Fall After The Pandemic

Earlier this month, MSN ran an article call “5 Money Lessons the Pandemic Has Taught US (so far).” I found it to be a very interesting read. My husband and I are retired and living on Social Security. So we have had to adjust our lifestyle to fit on a fixed income. But number one on this list may just have you coming to a screeching halt.

Putting 6 months of expenses in a savings account actually a good thing. Especially given today’s world. But my question to you is, “How are you going to accomplish that?” I did a quick check of what that would amount to for us, and nearly choked! I would need over $15,000 in the bank!

An obvious way is to start with a budget. I found this article on a Disability Insurance company’s website. And it is a good way to start. However, there is a lot of little things that you can do to boost those savings.

  1. Budget a set amount every month. This is the bare minimum to do. Just do a little math to determine how long it would take to save enough for 6 months.
  2. If you didn’t spend all of a budgeted amount, save the difference. For example, I budget $200 for groceries. If I don’t spend all of it, I need to transfer the money leftover to the savings account.
  3. Reduce bills where you can. For example, you may be paying for unlimited data on your cell phone. Do you really need it? Take a look, you may be able to lower your bill and save more money.
  4. Are you taking advantage of all the discounts you’re eligible for? My husband and I are both Veterans. I switched our car insurance a few years ago to USAA and brought our insurance bill down to just over $100.
  5. If you are leasing/renting your cellphone, check into buying it. We recently bit the bullet, paid off our phones and had a very frank discussion with our provider. By taking advantage of a program for Veterans, what had been a $325 bill became a a $100 bill, and we still have unlimited data.
  6. Take a look at all the items you have subscribed to. You may need to search through your bank statement to find all of them. If you aren’t actually using them, cancel the subscription!
  7. At the end of the month, if you still have money in the bank, transfer it to the savings account!

I have my doubts that any of us are going to be able to quickly save enough. The point is to start somewhere! Doing a little is always better than doing nothing.

Multicooker Perfection: Cook It Fast or Cook It Slow-You Decide

Multicookers such as the GoWISE USA and Instant Pot Duo are hugely popular; however, most recipes are unreliable or are designed to work in only one model of multicooker–and most often, they use only the pressure-cook setting. Enter Multicooker Perfection, a collection of foolproof recipes tested and developed to work in any multicooker and conform to your schedule. Make each recipe “fast” using the pressure-cook setting or let dinner cook while you’re out by preparing it “slow” on the slow-cook setting.

These crowd-pleasing recipes are perfectly suited for cooking at the touch of a button, from soups and stews like Easy Beef and Barley Soup and Chipotle Pork and Hominy Stew; to weeknight-friendly meals like Braised Chicken Breasts with Tomatoes and Capers, Ziti with Sausage Ragu, and Thai Braised Eggplant; to company-worthy dishes like Tamarind Braised Beef Short Ribs and Osso Buco with Sweet and Spicy Peperonata. Plus, you’ll find a chapter of unexpected recipes like Boston Brown Bread, Buffalo Chicken Wings, and even a perfectly creamy Cheesecake. Make cooking easier and better with this must-have cookbook for any multicooker owner.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I swear, my favorite new appliance in the kitchen is my Instant pot. I wasn’t sure just exactly what I could make in it other than soups and stews. Well this cookbook changed my opinion of that! The incredible range of recipes really surprised me. Cheesecake, really?

One of the reasons that I grab America’s Test Kitchen cookbooks is the way they explain everything. And I do mean everything! If there is something that you need to do different, they not only tell you “how” to do, they explain “why” you need to do. It makes following their recipes so much easier.

So if you’ve got an Instant Pot, grab this book. No, they didn’t rate the Instant Pot the highest, but every one of these recipes is doable if you follow the instructions. One of take away’s that I got from it is that anything you can do in a Slow Cooker, you can do in an Instant Pot!

Carrie4.0 out of 5 stars America’s Test Kitchen’s Recipes Are Worth Trying

Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2018 Verified Purchase Having actually used a jiggle-top pressure cooker, and learning that early electric models were hardly reliable, I waited a long time before trusting the wave of acceptance as serious. It appeared to have a learning curve, so I reviewed several multicooker cookbooks. And then I saw America’s Test Kitchen MP handbook. I have ATK’s Food Processor Perfection and now use my machine regularly. When MP arrived I devoured it from cover-to-cover. It was a disappointment to learn that my machine didn’t even come in second in the rating tests, but affected recipes did recommend how to adapt for the shortcoming of the brand due to temperature issues. I’d only tried hard-boiled eggs in my new cooker, so now turned to serious cooking using the North Carolina-Styled Pulled Pork recipe and was delighted with the result. (I also realized why one should order additional silicone gaskets when the results remained so fragrantly evident, even after careful washing.) Yesterday I made Macaroni and Cheese – YUM!
I like the “why this recipe works” lead-in, the occasional suggestions for variations, adjustments for cooker size differences. and the photos that accompany nearly every recipe. This book makes clear that, as long as the user follows the basic multicooker user’s manual, it’s difficult to make a mistake in the kitchen so feel free to adjust seasonings, etc. (I often include Pimenton de la Vera DOP by El Rey in savory recipes because of its lovely smokey flavor.) I definitely recommend ATK’s Multicooker Perfection, even if its recipes are primarily based on a discontinued machine. They actually work on all multicookers.

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Their Runaway Bride (Bridgewater Series Book 1)

Returning from Europe, Ann learns she is to marry a man of her father’s choosing once they arrive in New York. Refusing, she runs away, although she can’t go far on a steam ship. Only as far as the stateroom of a very handsome soldier.

There’s only one guaranteed way to save a woman from a bad marriage, and that’s to marry her himself. Ann is surprised Robert will go to such lengths to protect her, but stunned when she won’t just be marrying him, but his fellow soldier, Andrew, as well.

Life has many turns and twists. We find our way when we least expect it.

Ann thought she was running away from a way of life she knew and from two men she feared.

Ann really was running into her future with eyes wide open and ready to take the adventure of a lifetime. She didn’t know was waiting for her, when she ran into the stateroom on the second level of the ship.

Deborah Conte 

While fleeing from an unwanted marriage, Anne encounters two military officers returning home from overseas service. These are the men she had been attracted to earlier in the voyage, & they offer her a marriage as well; one with much more appeal than the other marriage her father had planned. Find out what she encounters with the choice she makes, & what her father’s reaction is when told of her actions. This is the first book of a delightful series, full of love, danger, & a great deal of physical joy between a woman & the 2 men who recognized the 1 woman who was made to hold their hearts secure.

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The Sunday Post #3

This week is finally in the book. I was really getting tired of all the politics! It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

So I’ve started getting posts ready for both Delta James and Vanessa Vale. They both have more than one series written that are related to others. It makes for more interesting reading.

Delta James is the author of the “Wayward Mates” series which is followed by a number of dark romance books. I’m talking about the Warlord, Overlord, etc. The first series is set in modern times. The others are set in a future where society has suffered a collapse and has lost most of the technology.

Vanessa Vale is the author of the Bridgewater series. First up is the “Bridgewater Ménage” series that is set in the Old West. “Bridgewater County” is set in more modern times but still with old fashioned values of two men caring for one woman. The newest series is “Bridgewater Brides” which is written by several different authors, including Delta James.

Weekly Cup of Coco!

Coco was by the veterinarian’s this week.. Thankfully she is not as anemic so the doctor was able to give her the Rabies vaccine. We have another appointment next month.

We’ve noticed that Coco doesn’t like to sit on laps. Instead she either lays on the chair beside you or on the arms! Luckily she’s small enough to fit.

I want to once again encourage you to check out the Amazon Smile program. I’m willing to bet that there is a charity or nonprofit organization listed there that you can support. The donation doesn’t cost you anything but could make a difference for someone else. I just checked and as of September 2020, over $215 million dollars has been donated to all of the charities. This is since Amazon began the program in October 2013.

King Outta Water (Dragon Guard Book 40)

Whether he’s up to his armpits in alligators or traipsing around the world, Rene Malveaux always protects his Queen.
A whole lotta dead Shifters and more on the way may not sound like the serenade for a love story to anyone else, but this is the Big Easy, Baby. And Rene’s always done everything the hard way. Undercover for the Dragon Protection Agency, this Guardsman, aka King ’cause his ego could fill the Superdome, is out to stop the body count from rising while protecting the love of his life… whether she wants him to or not.

Pricilla DeClouette’s been a force to be reckoned with since she was knee-high to a grasshopper…thank the Heavens some things never change.

Bossy, stubborn, and hot as homemade sin, Cilla fell in love with his scaly behind when they were just kids. And, all this time later, not one damn thing has changed. Year after year, she resisted every wand-waving, fanged-tooth, fur-wearing Tom, Dick, and Hairy who dared to swagger to her door, just waitin’ for the day her Dragon would return.
Finally, he’s back and dammit it to hell if he don’t look good enough to eat. All she has to do is admit how she feels, then pray he can do the same. Bickerin’ and sassin’ hasn’t worked so far. Time for a new plan. Cilla’s more than ready for happily ever after with all the trimmings and might just be willing to swallow her pride to get it.

Sounds easy, right? After all, she’s the Voodoo Queen of the great state of Louisiana.
Yeah. Whatever. That and $7.50 will get her a Happy Hour Hurricane.

Better to focus on the shitstorm brewing in her own backyard than what Fate and Destiny have cooked up. Those two broads haven’t gotten it right so far. What makes Cilla think they will now? Time to take matters into her own hands. All she’s gotta do is find a few extra minutes between talking to the Spirits of the recently deceased and keepin’ her momma from hexin’ the whole damned town.

It’s ‘standing room only’ in the morgue with a Shifter war brewing just outside the door.
Love’s just gonna have to wait.
Ain’t no-body gonna burn down her city. Even if she has to call her Daddy the Demon to smite a few fur-covered asses.

Let the good times roll, the most explosive couple NOLA’s ever seen is finally back together. Let’s just pray they stay that way…and don’t kill each other in the process.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The author has done it again, grabbed hold of yet another mythology and made it her own. I did have to laugh at the couple. Being honest however, having such a large amount of teasing of other books was off putting. 40% was too much for me.

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