The Sunday Post #7

Girlfriends, I am here to tell you, never get a kidney stone! It will definitely mess with your world. Sorry for disappearing for a week, life happens.

For me, it started with yet another UTI. Fortunately or unfortunately, I didn’t have all the symptoms you could expect to get. So the ER doctor ordered a CT scan. The scan revealed that I had a kidney stone, a big one!

Long story shortened, if you have cronic UTI’s, ask the doctor to do a CT scan. By the time mine was found, there was no way I could pass it. It took a trip to the OR to get rid of it!

Bigger and Better things!

Besides going back and updating old posts, I’m also looking at adding new series into my mix. I’ve been reading some Academy series and I may post those. I’m not sure yet. I do want to continue reviewing cookbooks. I’ve got one coming up that deals with Meal Prep for an Instant Pot! Netgalley is a good source for those if you like to do reviews.

Weekly Cup of Coco!

Recent vet appointment showed that Coco is no longer anemic. Now we just have to deal with the left over scratching! It’s starting to get cooler/cold here in Florida so I need to spend some time crocheting her a sweater or two!

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Living in FL and enjoying life.

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