Wolves of Willow Bend 1: Wolf Bite

After a dominance challenge ended with his parents deaths, Mason left Willow Bend and his pack behind, choosing instead to live life on his own terms…as a Lone Wolf. A wanderer, he keeps his life simple and carefree until an unexpected encounter brings him face to face with his tragic past and the woman he always adored. Determined to get her out of his blood, he teases her into an easy one-night stand…but one taste will never be enough.

Adopted as a young girl, Alexis Huston lived on the fringe of pack life. She’s never been strong enough, fast enough, or pretty enough—except to Mason, but then he left her. Allowed her freedom as an adult and sworn to keep the pack’s secrets, she’s struggled to fit into the ‘human’ world. A chance meeting turns her hard-won life upside down.

She is left with two options—she can tell the only wolf she’s ever loved that she’s carrying their child…or she can protect him, keep the baby a secret, and run.

Kyan Wolfe
4.0 out of 5 stars All the heart eyes for Mason!
Reviewed in the United States on September 21, 2020Verified Purchase
I adore Wolf Shifters.
My absolute favorite shifters, hands down.
So, naturally, I'm really excited to dive into this series and see what the Wolves of Willow Bend are all about.

Mason ran hard and fast in the opposite direction of Willow Bend after the death of his parents. He's a lone wolf, taking odd jobs and never staying in one place for long.
Until he crosses paths with Alexis again...
She's everything to Mason.
When he left Willow Bend, leaving her was the hardest part of it all.
Even years later he can't resist her and quite frankly, doesn't even try.
It's a massive web of deceit they are both living in.
One things for sure though-- it's all going to come to a head here soon.

Mason is all things Wolf-- possessive, controlling.
Just absolutely everything that I want in a Wolf Shifter as strong as him.
Alexis wants absolutely nothing to do with that world anymore-- she was tired of being a human among all of them. Even if she did leave behind her family. Mason was always the one who got away though, the love of her life.
And so much more.
I love that we got so much of the backstory that they present made sense. Because it was a quick way to get the two of them together BUT we had years leading up to this moment.
I can't wait to continue with the series!

5.0 out of 5 stars Series opener: Mason and Lexi
Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2014Verified Purchase
Mason' s parents died when he was seventeen and he left the pack, going Lone Wolf. Ten years later he is working in Dallas when he hears a voice and scent from his past in Willow Bend. Lexi stole his heart when they were young and is still captivating, but she is pack, even though she is human. And as a Lone Wolf he can have no contact with pack. But both want answers. Why did he leave? And why is she in Dallas living on her own, unprotected? The answers are connected in a way neither can begin to imagine. And their reunion has put them both in mortal danger.

This is a riveting book of betrayal and redemption. Mason and Lexi are perfect together and have the one thing needed to overcome all obstacles--their love for each other. Although it is book one in a new series, it is also a great standalone. The series has made my auto-buy list and I highly recommend it.

Lucy Juenke
5.0 out of 5 stars Lost loves unite.
Reviewed in the United States on August 24, 2015Verified Purchase
Alexis felt like she doesn't belong with the pack any more after her mother turned wolf. She gets a job away from home and the boy she loves. A chance encounter finds her with the boy she loved. He is no longer a boy, but a man. They have sex and he decides that he needs to leave before they get any closer. On his way out of town, he is asked to watch over the woman he loves. He stays and they keep having sex. The enforcer comes back and Mason leaves town. He leaves without telling Alexis he's leaving. Alexis finds out she's pregnant with Mason's baby. She doesn't want to cause him trouble. Mason is a Lone Wolf. They cannot have a mate or children. Alexis goes home and finds Mason there. Mason tells her he's killed the Alpha. He is now the Alpha and wants Alexis to be his mate. They mate. They know that there is going to be trying times, but as long as they are together they can do what they can to make it better for the pack. Good read. Can't wait to read the next one in the series.
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