The Sunday Post #21-1

Let’s Wrap Up 2020!

For the last 5 years, I’ve been tracking the books I’ve read using the Goodreads challenge. Each year I exceeded the number of books I thought I would read. So, this year I went for broke. I estimated that I could read 500 books. ……. What was I thinking?

I ended up reading 453 books. I think I may have actually read more but I was rereading books and didn’t always remember to reset the status.

I was surprised to see that I had listened to 22 books on Audible. Spent over 90 hours listening while I walked our dog. I don’t remember getting any kind of report from them in previous years. I liked it!

So what’s ahead?

I think I will keep the book challenge at the same number. See if I can’t beat it! 🤭 Maybe I’ll try to increase the number of Audible titles as well. As for what’s ahead for my blog, I’m working hard at increasing the visibility of my posts. They are already being promoted on Facebook and Twitter. I’m thinking about adding Instagram as well. Stand by for more about that one!

Weekly Cup of Coco

I don’t know what Coco’s previous experience with New Year’s Eve was, but she was shivering as the neighbors set off fireworks Thursday night. It was so bad, I ended up cuddling her for several hours. And I tell you, she doesn’t accept cuddling often!

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