Wolves of Willow Bend 4: Rogue Wolf

The Italian Alpha, Salvatore Esposito, crossed an ocean and dared to venture into unfriendly territory to hunt for his missing sister in Willow Bend.. He’ll do anything to get her back, even if it means he must resist chasing the fierce enforcer who wakens his primal beast…anything.

As an enforcer, Margo Montgomery monitors the lone wolves. She is in the middle of investigating missing wolves from multiple territories when the order comes in to escort the Salvatore to Willow Bend. There’s bad blood between her and the current Alpha of Willow Bend, but they soon discover a new danger–a lone wolf gone rogue.

Now Margo must hunt the rogue–a pursuit made all the more dangerous because it becomes readily apparent the rogue they seek isn’t alone and Salvatore refuses to be left behind–not when wolves are vanishing without a trace…

Carol LaGatta5.0 out of 5 stars Suspenseful, Witty and Sensuous
Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2018Verified Purchase
This is one of my favorite Willow Bend books even though I didn't have much love for Margo when I started reading it. The drool worthy Italian Alpha Salvatore, the strong, snarky and sometimes brutal Enforcer Margo, a missing sister, a rogue lone wolf and of course the ever not so lovable Julian.

Mason is the Alpha who grants Salvatore entry to the US to search for his sister and Margo is the enforcer who collects him from the airport and escorts him to Willow Bend. A trip that is quite amusing as Margo takes offense at just about everything Salvatore says.

The search for the Alpha's sister brings forth a realization that is not in the least comforting. Not to the enforcers and certainly not to Mason.

For Margo another unsettling truth could mean her death, but maybe for a chance at something more if she is willing to take it.

We meet a lot of enforcers in this one, including the powerful and mysterious Julian. Plenty of interaction with Mason and Willow Bend including a showdown or two with Margo's mother.

Fast paced, intriguing, sensuous and witty, don't miss this book
5.0 out of 5 stars Margo hasn't had it easy. Too dominant to remain safely in the pack ...
Reviewed in the United States on May 3, 2015Verified Purchase
I was waiting for this book since book one where I originally read about Margo. The prequel Wolf At Law came out after book 1 so if you start that book first she's mentioned in it. Margo hasn't had it easy. Too dominant to remain safely in the pack under the old Alpha Toman, Margo was sent off to boarding school and to become a lone wolf when she was young. It was the only way to guarantee her survival with an Alpha known for having his wolves with alpha potential disappear. She's taken her job as an Enforcer seriously and practices tough love as it's the only way to teach the newly lone wolves how to survive in the human world without their pack. Problem is her lone wolves are disappearing and the enforcers are starting to see a pattern. Margo is on the trail trying to find out if someone's after her charges.

Salvatore is on very dangerous ground. As the Alpha of all the packs in Italy he's very strong. But now he needs permission from the 5 American packs to enter their territory and look for his wayward sister. No Alpha wants an Alpha traveling through their territory. Salvatore is given an Enforcer to escort him while he investigates whether his sister willingly left Italy with her lover, or if her lover kidnapped her.

I absolutely loved this book. Margo was so strong in book one that I wasn't sure how the author was going to be able to soften her up to allow her to fall for someone. I think Salvatore couldn't be any more perfect of a choice and I loved following their journey
Karli5.0 out of 5 stars Missing or Rogue?
Reviewed in the United States on March 10, 2015Verified Purchase
My introduction to Heather Long was her Fevered series, and I was hooked. I next began the Wolves of Willow Bend and now watch impatiently for new releases in both series. As usual, this book totally captivated me. One of my favorite scenes is when Margo and Salvatore shifted, played and hunted together. It was a joy to read. Long brings a balance of passion, suspense and charisma to her works. I totally recommend this book and series.

Margo, a lone wolf Enforcer, is assigned to accompany an Alpha from Italy into Willow Bend territory. Salvatore is looking for his sister, who left Italy with a USA lone wolf without letting anyone know. Margo has been looking for missing wolves, and is disgruntled about having to delay that job to babysit a foreign alpha. But they quickly discover a connection between Salvatore's sister and the increasing number of missing wolves and humans. And even though it breaks all the rules and leaves her facing a death sentence herself, Margo also finds she is irresistibly drawn to the stubborn and powerful Alpha, who plays by a different set of rules entirely-his own

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