Blue Moon Saloon Book 2: Temptation

Behind the doors of the Blue Moon Saloon, alpha shifters confront their darkest fears and their deepest desires. This book is a complete standalone story that ends with a strong hook to the main character in the next book of the series.

She-wolf Janna Macks knows trouble when she sees it, especially when it comes in the form of an irresistibly broody cowboy like Cole Harper. Her fledgling pack is already in the cross hairs of a ruthless group of rogues, and falling head over heels in lust with a human will only endanger her loved ones more. The problem is, her wolf knows her destined mate when she sees him — and Cole is it.

Rodeo pro Cole Harper has never felt this off-kilter before. One minute, he’s lusting after Janna, the spunky waitress he can’t get off his mind, and the next, he’s growling at a dark inner voice demanding all kinds of crazy things — like howling at the moon and claiming Janna as his own. There’s only one thing stronger than the overwhelming need for Janna, and that’s the fear that without her, he’ll succumb to the strange inner beast wrestling for control of his haunted soul


5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it, like always
Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2016 Verified Purchase
I've read pretty much all of Miss Lowe's "Twin Moon Ranch" books, and I always love them. When I saw that she had a spin-off series, I eagerly snapped up a copy of the first book, and it was just as good. "Temptation" is the second book in the series, and as always, LOVED it. (And I can't wait for the next one now, too.)

It's hard to review this book without accidental spoilers... the bad guys from the first book are back - the tension waiting for the to make a move or not is really good. Janna is a sweet, smart, optimistic woman you can't help but like, and Cole is such a sweetheart. I loved his POV. Lots to love about this couple.

I always highly recommend Miss Lowe's shifter books, especially the ones that are in any way linked to Twin Moons. She always has interesting, sympathetic heroes/heroines, and really, really BAD villains. Always good suspense, pacing, and plots


5.0 out of 5 stars A little twist on the wolf/human love story
Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2016 Verified Purchase
I loved this second installment of the Blue Moon Saloon series.

Cole is a human cowboy that was scratched by a wolf during a bar fight. He does not understand why there seems to be a voice inside his head that is urging him to claim Janna as his "mate". Janna is a waitress at the local bar and is a wolf shifter. She has always liked Cole, but lately her wolf keeps calling him her mate. That seems strange since she didn't feel the whole "fated mate" vibe when she first started seeing him. What changed?

This is a little different spin from a lot of wolf-human stories where the woman is usually the human half of the story. We learn a little about Cole's past and what brought him to live in seclusion and work a menial job at a stable. The purist wolves will also make another appearance and bring the whole Cole/Janna thing to a climax. Can't wait for Soren's story. Hope I already own it

Kindle Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars Cole and Sarah's Story are both like moths to a fire...cant resist
Reviewed in the United States on May 12, 2016 Verified Purchase
Cole never knew what hit him. And Janna was blindsided because she could not notice Cole was her destined mate. She figured it was just a simple crush or motorbike it lust. One scratch and the changes started to happen. For Cole he knew he had secrets and a past but he wasn't ready for the truth. He was hearing voices and assumed he was going crazy but the need to protect Janna his mate was like a craving. Janna knew humans were really "off limits" She could not help how she felt about Cole. But one thing for sure she's a smart cookie and realized that after that fight Cole started acting different. She had to do everything in her power to help her mate make it through the change. Not too many humans survived being turn you had to be strong and hot dog Cole fit the bill. I doo loved this story that I literally could not stop reading until the end. And what an ending...let's just say I cannot wait for Soren's story come out. We get a glimpse of it at the end of Janna and Cole's escaped. Show Stopper. I loved their story and believe you will just as enthralled as I was. I was given an ARC copy for my honest opinion. But I love Anna so much, that I even purchased the book. So what are you waiting for?

Helena MacDonald
5.0 out of 5 stars Jessica and her sister are in hiding from shifter purists that destroyed their home and killed everyone they loved. With the hel
Reviewed in Canada on June 5, 2016Verified Purchase
Received the book for an honest review. I was really was excited to read Jessica and Simon's story after getting a taste in the prequel Perfection. Jessica and her sister are in hiding from shifter purists that destroyed their home and killed everyone they loved. With the help of the people of Twin Moon Ranch alpha's sister, Tina, they land themselves jobs at the local bar this is run by two bear shifter brothers. No one was more surprised then Jess when she found out that one of the brothers was her ex-lover and destined mate, Simon, who broke her heart and turns his back on their love. Boy was Jess wrong and when she finds out why he did what he did she falls more in love with him. Can Jess and Simon find the happiness they deserve when there is a group out there who will never allow mixed shifter relationships?? There is action, sorrow, love and a happy ending. Great beginning to a new series.
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