Golden Fire Clan (Dragon Guard Series Book 8: Her Dragon’s Heart

What do you get when you combine one head-strong dragon shifter with a young woman whose past won’t stay hidden? Then add a coven of demon-raising wizards and a Fate that will not be denied? The perfect recipe for sizzling romance, spine-tingling intrigue, sword swinging action and swoon-worthy love. Enter the world of the Dragon Guard…Forever be changed.

Book 8 in the Dragon Guard series. The books can be read as stand-alone stories, but they’re really GREAT when you binge them The more Dragons, the merrier. I can’t wait to hear what you think of this story. XOXO, Julia

The Reviews!

	Amazon Customer
4.0 out of 5 stars I REALLY like this series
Reviewed in the United States on October 28, 2016
Verified Purchase
I REALLY like this series!!! It is very well written, and it keeps my attention for the most part. The reason for the 4 stars is because I find myself (I'm still reading the series I'm on book 9 now) Skipping some parts. For example the intimates scenes seem to be really drawn out, and while I love a good love scene these just feel too drawn out and the same each time. Then there is telling of how the mating ritual goes or other small things like that where I feel like it's the same as the last book just with different colors. I'm not saying that's bad, especially when the author is producing these are stand alone's as you would need all of this then, I'm just am hoping that these facets of the books can be told in a different, but still interesting way. For the most part this series definitely holds my attention and makes me want to find out what happens next in the book as well as what happens to the other characters that have captured my attention (some more than others, but still want to know).
Rhonda Hicks
5.0 out of 5 stars Jace has grown into his own
Reviewed in the United States on March 8, 2019
Verified Purchase
I love this series! Jace started off as a side character in the series and has gradually grown into his own with this book, "Her Dragon's Heart." The youngest of the Dragon Guard, the bronze dragon has known who Melonie was for quite some time, keeping watch over her thinking she's human. Melanie, on the other hand, is a witch trying to keep hidden in the human world at the hospital from her grandfather who has turned evil from his quest for power. Even though this book is shorter than some of her previous ones, there is no less adventure or romance in it's delivery. I get the same thrill each time I read one of Julia Mills Dragon Guard books knowing that "There are no coincidences, The Universe does not make mistakes and Fate will not be denied."
4.0 out of 5 stars New witch in town
Reviewed in the United States on August 24, 2015
Verified Purchase
I'm so upset!! They were this close to where and who have Kyra's mom,ugh. They don't seem to be very concerned-well I am. They abducted her what 2,3 books ago? I want somebody to figure it out already!!! I know everybody wants to find their mate, but come on now.
This book is about Jace and his mate, Melanie. He meets her at while on guard duty at the hospital where Sam and Charlie work, and like all the other guardsmen he knew she was his fated mate. He took his sweet time in approaching her and trying to get to know her. But they develop a routine of talking and eating together and just getting to know each other.
Next thing, he overhears a strange phone call between Melanie and her grandfather, where some supernatural occurrences go on. Then, their mating link disappears and he can't get a fix on her. So, like a guy he freaks out and goes looking for her. He can't do it alone, so his best friend Liam goes with him. They finally the call in the calvary to aid in the search and tells about the crazy call.
Royce tears poor Jace a new one, but I'm like you can't throw stones-cuz you way then messed up when you realized Kyra was your mate and witch. He acted like a total ass- so cut Jace a break.
Melanie has been abducted by her crazy grandfather, whom she ran away from when she was kid. She thinks he is going to sacrifice her to get her powers and tries to cook up another escape plan with help from the people who helped her escape years ago. Well, grandfather throws that plan out the window and tries to marry Melanie to male witch in the group to bind her to the coven so she can no longer get away.
Before that happens Jace, Max, Kellan, Rory and the rest of the guardsmen break up the nuptials and get Melanie out of there. Jace reveals his big secret, tells her they are fated mates and you know the rest.
	MonicaMartin41Top Contributor: Fantasy Books
5.0 out of 5 stars LOVEDDDD Jace and Melanie's story! XOXO
Reviewed in the United States on July 29, 2015
Verified Purchase
This was much shorter than the other Dragon Guard series. However, that doesnt take away from the story at all! I've loved Jace's character from the other books. He's started out small and had gotten a bigger role as the books go along. He's the youngest of the Dragon Guards. He's a bronze dragon and is oh so sweet. Too cute and sexy...wait...can they be both cute and sexy? Oh yes they can! He's known who his mate is for awhile and has watched over her and has gotten to know Melanie Whelan a nurse who works at the hospital. She appears human but she is nothing but. She's a witch in hiding and has wanted to live a normal life after living a horrific life with her Grandfather. He's NOT a nice man. Craves power...thing is he's not always been that way. He's been the loving Grandfather years ago when she was little and just craved power and it changed him. Jace and Melanie are very drawn to each other...he knows why but he's wanting to give her time and also trying to get up the nerve to tell her everything. However, before he can do that she is kidnapped by her Grandfathers minions. Ha...I said minions which thats what they are. He wants her power sooo bad but has come up with a detestable way of getting it without sacrificing her which is whats hes done previously with others. Now that his mate has been kidnapped he calls on his fellow guardsmen and Kyra to help find her. Love love Kyra. LOL. Melanie has sensed Jace but not sure what it means but tries to talk to him durng her captivity hoping he hears her. Which he does as he gets closer to her. Once she finds out he's a dragon...she passed out lol. Not so much because of that but after everything its taken its toll and hello the man she loves is a dragon. It was a bit much for her! He he. Anyways....their love wont be denied and neither will these wonderful mates Jace and Melanie. He's so romantic and sweet. Loved the book. Guess who finds their mate???????? Oh yeah Liam! I feel so bad for Melanie's childhood best friend Hannah. Her Grandfather put something so very evil in her. I cant WAIT for the next book! I also can't wait to see mates for the Blue dragons Rian and Rory....they are so funny and hot! Secondary characters once again are so awesome and just make the book(s) better in this series. Loved it!

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